In Review: Supergirl – Resist

Supergirl struggles to decide whether or not to obey the President's orders regarding Rhea's latest actions. Meanwhile, Cat Grant returns to National City.

Synopsis: Supergirl struggles to decide whether or not to obey the President’s orders regarding Rhea’s latest actions. Meanwhile, Cat Grant returns to National City.

Review: This episode sees the return of Cat Grant who shows us just way she has been missed. Especially when we see her going up again Rhea in aid of the President.

The president’s true identity is revealed to Supergirl and the DEO. Something, which should perhaps been more of a shock than it was, but the core story of the episode is Supergirl’s dilemma. Does she go against her better judgement and team with Cadmus to rescue Lena and Mon-El or follows the presidents orders and blow Rhea’s ship out the sky.

These choices allow for a great scene between Supergirl and Cat Grant.

Cat is very much a welcome return to the show. When the series first started back in 2015 I was among those that were initially put off by the addition of Calista Flockhart, but once I saw what she did with the role I accepted her as an important ingredient for the shows first season. She has been noticeably missed this series. 

We also see Alex and Sawyer getting to work a lot together. They really need to make Sawyer a part of the DEO.

Also fun was the fact that Cat sees right through Jimmy Olsen’s disguise as the Guardian.

Teri Hatcher is absolutely fantastic as Rhea. It’s great seeing her get to portray a villain and Rhea is like the complete flip side to Hatcher’s Lois Lane. Which is the role that pretty much made her a household name when she was in Lois and Clark back in the 90’s.

Also really good was Brenda Strong as Lillian Luther. We get some really nice scenes with her and Supergirl as they form an uneasy alliance.

The episode ends on a bigger cliffhanger than we had last week. A cliffhanger, which sees Superman come into the fray.

The stage is well and truly set for next weeks season two finale.

Supergirl - Resist
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