In Review: Supergirl – Nevertheless She Persisted

Supergirl challenges Rhea in a battle to save National City.

Synopsis: Supergirl challenges Rhea in a battle to save National City. Meanwhile, Superman returns and Cat Grant offers Supergirl some sage advice.

Review: This season finale doesn’t get off to the greatest of starts if perfectly honest.

Once again. The writers mess up big time by belittling Superman in order to big up Supergirl. Sure fine she beats a Superman whose judgement is impaired by Silver Kryptonite. That much was fine.

The part where Superman says, “You beat me. I was at full strength” was just not great.

In the comics Superman and Supergirl are equals. They are an even match. Meaning if they actually did fight it would just go on and on and it has done before now.

I’m all for equality. But when it comes to unnecessarily bulking up a superhero who is already pretty damn strong and popular in her own right. I just don’t get the sort of mentality behind that.

It was great to see Tyler Hoechlin back as Superman, but I wasn’t happy with the way he was exploited in this episode in order to big up Supergirl. This did not need to happen. 

The final battle between Supergirl and Rhea was well choreographed, but ultimately disappointing. I’d rather have seen Supergirl beat Rhea legitimately instead of using a WMD that poisoned the Earths atmosphere making it uninhabitable to Rhea and her people.

Also the whole Mon-El and Supergirl relationship and how it would end has been pretty much telegraphed the whole season. So it wasn’t really that much of a surprise.

Ultimately. This was a disappointing season finale. I was really hoping for better than this.

The few good points were the return of M’Gann and Lillian Luther as played by Brenda Strong were  the only real high points for me.

Also Cat Grant’s scenes were fun. But we all know that she’ll most likely be sidelined again next year due to  Calista Flockhart not really wanting to be outside of LA for to long, which is understandable with regards to family obligations and so forth. 

Finally. The effects and the end battle scenes were well executed and fun to watch. But the writing and how Superman was dealt a shit hand was inexcusable.

Supergirl - Nevertheless She Persisted
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