In Review: Supergirl – Mr. & Mrs. Mxyzptlk

A being from the fifth dimension known as Mr Mxyzptlk causes havoc with his romantic advances toward Supergirl.

Synopsis: A being from the fifth dimension known as Mr Mxyzptlk causes havoc with his romantic advances toward Supergirl.

Review: Romance is in the air in this episode. As Supergirl and her assorted family make ready for Valentines Day.

Kara and Mon El are having their moment, which is promptly interrupted by a marriage proposal from the impish Mr Mxyzptlk. Thus starts one of the funniest episodes of ‘Supergirl’ we’ll likely see.

Meanwhile Alex’s relationship with Detective Sawyer hits another snag. Sawyer hates valentines day, which makes her the ideal girlfriend to most guys who just can’t be bothered, but not the ideal choice for Alex who longs to share Valentines Day with her first true love. As ever there is the usual back and forth as Alex goes to her younger sister for advice, but all ends well as Sawyer changes her tune in the name of true love. (Meanwhile I am keeled over behind the sofa trying not to vomit into a paper bag. )

It would seem that it is not just Kara and Alex that are being romanced.

Winn gets in on the action as he is rescued by an attractive alien lady called lyra who is pretty full on when it comes to aggressively going after her man.

Overall this episode was a lot of fun despite the icky valentines stuff.

I thought Winn getting some action was hilarious and hope to see this relationship her has gotten into develop into something.

The knock down argument between Kara and Mon El was a lot of fun to watch and Peter Gadiot was fantastic in his role of Mr Mxyzptlk. In fact Mxyzptlk is a character I would not object to seeing again.

This wasn’t a home run for ‘Supergirl’, but it was a welcome relief to some of the intense soapy stuff we have been fed over the last few weeks.

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