In Review: Supergirl – Luthors

Lena Luthor is arrested when Metallo breaks Lillian out of prison and evidence suggests that Lena is responsible.

Synopsis: Lena Luthor is arrested when Metallo breaks Lillian out of prison and evidence suggests that Lena is responsible.

Review: This episode offers a little insight into the Luthor’s. Specifically some backstory for Lena. Who as it turns out was the result of one of Lionel Luthor’s dalliances.

When Lillian Luthor hatches an elaborate scheme to break both herself and Metallo out of custody. Cadmus and its mission to kill of Supergirl and all other aliens is once again open for business, but this time Lena is implicated as a part of the Luthor’s schemes.

When Lena is arrested Supergirl is the only person that fights to prove Lena’s innocence and this is despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

Things are more complicated by the fact that the kyptonite that is powering Metallo is synthetic and could cause a huge nuclear explosion. Which means that Supergirl will have to save Lena and anyone else that is in his way. And do so before he goes critical.

There’s more good than bad in this episode, but we still have the horrible soapy elements such as the ongoing will Supergirl and Mon-El get together.

We also have more from The Guardian when he takes on Metallo and gets properly roughed up. I’m still very much not a fan of the whole Jimmy Olsen Guardian thing. I think the hero quotient is adequate enough with just Supergirl, Martian Man Hunter and the odd appearance from Superman.

I liked the fact that we have got a bit more information about Lena Luthor and I also really enjoyed seeing Brenda Strong again as Lillian Luthor. 

This for me is perhaps the strongest story we have had from ‘Supergirl’ in awhile and I can only hope that this is the beginning of rise in the quality of storytelling on this show.

Supergirl - Luthors
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