In Review: Supergirl – Homecoming

When Jeremiah Danvers is rescued. Everyone is thrilled to have him back, but Mon-El suspects something is not right.

Synopsis: When Jeremiah Danvers is rescued. Everyone is thrilled to have him back, but Mon-El suspects something is not right.

Review: This episode saw the return of Dean Cain as Alex and Kara’s father Jeremiah Danvers.

The trouble is that when he was last seen. He was a prisoner of Cadmus and a high value one at that. Which right away gets viewers suspicious over why Cadmus would let him be rescued so easily. Sure he established his good guy credentials early on in the series by rescuing Mon-El and Supergirl and helping them escape from Cadmus, but even with that under his belt. It still seemed to be kind of off that Cadmus would let him go so easy.

My issue with this episode is pretty simple. It was too neat.

It was pretty obvious from the outset that Jeremiah wasn’t back to reconnect with family. And its also a huge leap of faith on the part of the writers to have us the viewers go along with that.  I found myself frustrated as hell at the fact that Kara and Alex didn’t small a rat. And felt Mon – El’s frustration.

Eliza had it right when she told Jeremiah that they are now complete strangers. Too much time has passed.

The whole story hung on Alex and Kara instantly wanting to believe the best of Jeremiah and have faith in the fact that he wasn’t working for Cadmus.

What I found most disappointing was the fact that J’onn J’onzz aka Hank wasn’t a little more suspicious of him.

It seemed a little bit of a reach to have it be Mon – El trying to convince everyone that something wasn’t right.

Aside from the issues with the story. It was great to see Dean Cain back in the show and it was interesting to see him essentially playing a villain as apposed to the hero.

The most powerful scene in this episode was when Jeremiah told Alex that she’d have to kill him to have any chance of bringing him in.  It’s just a pity that the build up to that moment was a little too obvious to us the in the know viewers.

I can only hope. That next time we see Jeremiah that he goes full on bad ass and isn’t able to manipulate matters quite as easily. Truth be told. Jeremiah deserved his success on this mission, but only succeeded based on the fact that Hank was totally dumbed down and seemed to lose all sense of suspicion. I just found that aspect of this story totally unbelievable.

Supergirl - Homecoming
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