In Review: Supergirl – Exodus

Alex is searching for Jeremiah while Kara investigates a series of alien kidnappings.

Synopsis: Alex is searching for Jeremiah while Kara investigates a series of alien kidnappings.

Review: As you recall. I was far from impressed with last weeks episode, which turns out to be set up for this week.

Well this episode redeemed it somewhat and gave Alex a lot more to do than Supergirl. The girl is pissed because she can’t believe that her father has broke bad and it’s really gnawing at her that the rest are regarding him as a hostile.

What doesn’t help the situation is the fact that Cadmus is using the records that Jeremiah nicked to abduct Aliens.

Meanwhile Kara is struggling to get the story out because Snapper will not release a story unless he has two solid sources to back it up. Kara gives him an interview with Supergirl, but not even that will sway Snapper who is a solid journalist that needs sources to confirm their is truth in what he and the paper reports.

Back at the DEO Alex goes ballistic on one of Cadmus’s hired thugs who has been brought in after an attack on the alien bar where they all hang out. She pretty much beats the guy repeatedly trying to get the location of Cadmus so she can free the aliens. J’onn J’onzz intervenes and suspends her from duty.

Kara enlist some help from Lena Luther in order to try and find where cadmus is keeping the aliens, but Alex working with Sawyer beats her to it.

Back at her apartment Kara is still going out of her mind with whether or not she should blog the news about the alien abductions or let things be. Mon-El comes in and says she should do what feels right.

Acting on the information that she found on Cadmus and the location of the base. Alex heads off on a lone mission to rescue the aliens and see if she can talk her father round. After a tense few moments she manages to get Jeremiah to do what is right, but once again he is left with Cadmus as Alex goes off to the ship that is about to launch the aliens into space.

With the ship speeding up and preparing to jump to light speed. Supergirl comes to the rescue and we get a nice sisterly moment in which Alex is egging supergirl on saying that she can do this. After some straining, some epic music and a pizza. Supergirl prevails and lands the ship safely allowing Alex to free the aliens.

For me this was a much better episode than last week. I enjoyed the music that was used during Supergirl pushing against the ship to slow it down.

I also enjoyed the fact that Kara was fired by Snapper Carr for pretty much breaching her contract with the newspaper by blogging a story that she’d used the papers resources for.

I only hope that this does not mean we have seen the last of Snapper Carr. I like the dude.

Supergirl - Exodus
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