In Review: Supergirl, Episode 71 “Battles Lost and Won”

This was a really mixed season, but it concludes well.

Supergirl, Episode 71 “Battles Lost and Won” Broadcast on June 18, 2018


Written by Robert Rovner & Jessica Queller

Directed by Jesse Warn 

Previously on Supergirl: James decides he’s going to reveal to the press he’s Guardian, Winn creates a force field belt, but it’s not enough to save Demos from a pair of Kryptonians’ eye blasts, Supergirl separates Reign from Sam, though the villain survives, Alura suggests the Fountains of Lilith can destroy Reign permanently, Reign plows into the Earth to destroy it at its core, while My’rnn volunteers to stop her.

Now: Capital City is suffering the damage from Reign’s plunge into the Earth. Guardian, Alex, Supergirl, Alura, and Mon-El do what they can to assist the citizens from the earthquakes and the falling debris. J’onn and My’rnn arrive at where Reign began her destructive trek. J’onn asks his father to complete the Reach, but there’s not enough time. Instead My’rnn gives his son the memory of the first martian receiving the Sacred Scrolls: it brings the hero to tears. At DEO Headquarters, Winn is putting out fires from the quakes and trying direct the heroes to where they’re most needed, such as at the waterfront. Luckily, Imra is already there, holding back a monstrous tidal wave. Meanwhile, My’rnn does something that causes Reign to scream and the shaking to stop. Cue opening title card.

This was a solid conclusion with every storyline from this season wrapping up tidily, while starting a few new ones. I was surprised to see a character from earlier in the season reappear and that character got to sing, which will definitely have fans of theater happy. Getting the most character building in this episode was Winn, whose invention of the shield last episode has much deeper implications than he ever expected. I was happy to see that Imra got a scene with Mon-El to solidify how they now think of their relationship. Samantha Arias finally got something to do other than worry over Ruby and Odette Annable really made the most of. The final battle against Reign has got a fantastic aerial fight that really had the special effects crew going all out. The point of view of this skirmish was really impressive. Also impressive was Reign’s heat vision, which looked really evil. I’m not thrilled with who’s joining the show for next season, for several reasons, but I’m hopeful this character can be improved upon. There’s a cliffhanger, naturally, and it will leave fans wondering if this show is mining a very successful Mark Millar series from 2003.

The good: Every character getting a moment, a solid resolution for the villain, every character getting a quiet scene, the farewell party, super powered Alura, Kara’s outstanding reference to something in the opening that Brainiac 5 doesn’t understand, a returning character singing (!!!), outstanding effects, she-has-the-ring (!!!), and “Phase Two of our trials.”

Fun lines: “That will never change, J’onn. Never!“, “Uh…What?”, “The future needs you. Both of you!”, “I don’t kill.” “I’ve got this,” “That’s what you think!”, “Incoming! Incoming!”, and “We’re ready to begin Phase Two of our trials.”

The bad: Three characters’ exits, because I’ll miss them, and a character’s exit that was too similar to the climaxes from Raiders of the Lost Ark and Ghost.

The final line: This was a really mixed season, but it concluds well. Everyone gets their moment, without any of them seeming forced into the story. Hopefully next season is a little more consistent, da? Overall grade: A-


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