In Review: Supergirl, Episode 70 “Make It Reign”

A solid episode with everyone doing something major and an outstanding cliffhanger.

Supergirl, Episode 70 “Make It Reign” Broadcast on Jun 11, 2018

Written by Ray Utarachitt & Cindy Lichtman

Directed by Armen V. Kevorkian

Previously on Supergirl: Reign is released from Sam’s body, My’rnn tells J’onn they must begin the Reach or his memories will be lost, Serena is revealed as the high priestess, on Argo Supergirl and Mon-El’s ship is stolen…by Serena who has gone to Earth where she’s met by Thomas Coville, who gives her the ability to rebuild the Dark Fortress.

Now: Serena is accompanied by two Kryptonians in the Dark Fortress: Vita and (a character played by Winsome Brown). They must summon Reign. “Prepare the ceremony,” Serena commands. Cue opening title card.

This episode plays out as one would expect. It’s not bad, but as the penultimate episode a viewer knows that the characters are going to be set in place for the big showdown which will be next week. That’s not to say that there aren’t some solid moments. Erica Durance gets some great scenes on Earth in a fun guise, plus she trades in that generic fantasy blue dress for something more classic science fiction, which is a definite step up. However, this being the second to last episode, my hopes aren’t high for her survival next week. Winn invents something incredibly awesome that will be unquestionably familiar to fans of the Legion of Super-Heroes — and I’ll admit I screamed with joy when this device was activated. Curtis Lum, who plays DEO soldier Demos, has been getting a lot of screen time and gets the most in this episode with a very funny moment and a cheer worthy scene. Carl Lumbly and David Harewood get some excellent moments as they begin the Reach; these two together have been constantly magical as they are in this episode. Chad Lowe is good as Evil Kryptonian butt-kisser Thomas Coville and Anajali Jay (Serena), Rosemary Hochschild (Vita), and whoever Winsome Brown is playing are excellent villains. When the trio enter the DEO it looks awesome; it was very reminiscent of the trio from Superman II. Speaking of which, Hochschild’s look and voice reminded me strongly of Sarah Douglas’s recent cameo on the show, with her getting a line that’s adapted from a classic one from Superman II. Jeremy Jordan gets some good scenes as well, with some fun with Demos and an awesome conversation with Chris Wood’s Mon-El. Chyler Leigh has a strong opening scene as Alex, but is left behind until the baddies arrive at the DEO. Melissa Benoist is fine, but doesn’t get to do too much, instead getting Kara to react to situations — It’s not her fault, it’s the story trying to give everyone else a major moment before the finale. And speaking of major moment, Odette Annable gets a decent subplot for Sam ending with her making a strong decision. She was good. The cliffhanger is epic, with every character doing something. I’m really looking forward to seeing how this turns out.

The good: Every character getting a major moment (though see “The bad” below), two characters bow out with his episode in good twists, Winn inventing that device, the Kryptonians in the DEO, the special effects, the rebirth of Reign, where Reign is headed in the finale, and a terrific cliffhanger.

Fun lines: “I wished to see you again, Alex…to say goodbye,” “Let us begin,” “ALEX!“, “Always the hero,” “…I’m not sure I can do it again,” “She actually cares for these humans,” and “I am not dying today.”

The bad: (Continued from “The good”)…Benoist not getting a juicy moment from this script, Sarah Douglas not being in the episode, and one character’s death that was sad to see.

The final line: A solid episode with everyone doing something major and an outstanding cliffhanger. The story was strong, the acting great, and the effects very cool. My hat’s off to Director Armen V. Kervorkian for accomplishing a lot. I hope the season finale is as strong as this episode. Overall grade: A-

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