In Review: Supergirl, Episode 68 “Dark Side of the Moon”

An episode that could be skipped and nothing lost.

Supergirl, Episode 68 “Dark Side of the Moon” Broadcast on May 28, 2018

Written by Derek Simon & Kate Rose Rogers

Directed by Hanelle Culpepper 

Previously on Supergirl: Sam discovers a piece of Krypton on Earth that will change her life, Ruby learns that her mother is Reign, a rock is discovered that can create or cure World Killers, by coincidence another piece of rock is detected in space, so Kara and Mon-El get in a ship to go get it to save Sam.

Now: The heroes come out of warp and find a massive chunk of rock with a city under glass upon it. They’re hit by a tractor beam and are pulled toward the mysterious, futuristic civilization. Cue opening title card.

There are four plotlines in this episode: 1, Kara and Mon-El dealing with the surprising civilization they’ve discovered; 2, Someone is trying to kill Alex; 3, Winn has to take care of Ruby; and 4, Lena deals with Reign as her resistance to Kryptonite is lessening. The city that the heroes discovered will be interesting to longtime Superman fans because of its name, which I’ll not spoil. Who’s there is neat, creating some good emotion moments for Kara. Mon-El gets to act like Doctor McCoy thanks to some futuristic technology, though his patient doesn’t grow a new kidney it’s close enough. This storyline is set up for Kara to make an impassioned speech before the council to ask for a bit of the rock. It’s a good speech and suits the character. A bigger plus during this speech is that Tim Russ is one of the council members. Any opportunity to have Russ on a show is a good one and he’s great in this scene (Yo, CW — MORE TIM RUSS!). Alex’s storyline is okay. There’s not much tension in it, with the concluding conversation between Alex and J’onn being the highlight. It was a long way to get to this dialogue. The scenes between Winn and Ruby are good, with Winn doing something pretty terrible, but he redeems himself. Lena’s scenes with Reign are okay, but the writers have yet to make Reign interesting. Better are the scenes between Katie McGrath and Mehcad Brooks. They are constantly a strongly written pair and the writers always have something terrific for them to say and do.

The good: The concluding speeches, the surprise returning actress (who’s always a joy to see), Lena and James, Winn and Ruby, Tim Russ, the stunts in the closing chase are well done, especially in the long shot, and a great cliffhanger.

Fun lines: “I didn’t have the stomach for that,” “Oh, things are not chill,” “Is that you?”, “Sam or the world?”, “Just a jerk,” and “Is it fair?”

The bad: Kara and Mon-El’s story is dreadfully boring, with Alex’s not much better. In fact, Mon-El serves absolutely no purpose to the story this week. All the characters get some moments, but as a whole, not enough to maintain an entire episode. How long is the fuse on that grenade? That took forever!

The final line: An episode that could be skipped and nothing lost. Only the last ten minutes need to be seen. This came off as a low budget filler episode. Overall grade: D+

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  • dablueguy
    31 May 2018 at 4:39 am -

    It was fitting someone from the Trek Universe was on, because Ruby is the worst, most annoying kid character on a Sci Fi series since Wesley Crusher and Naomi Wildman. Hopefully the character is killed off by the end of the season.

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