In Review: Supergirl, Episode 6 “Red Faced”

Great character moments with a spectacular end to the conflict, but little things ate away at the whole.

Supergirl, Episode 6 “Red Faced” Broadcast on November 30, 2015

Written by Michael Grassi & Rachel Shukert

Directed by Jesse Warn

“Previously on Supergirl“, Maxwell Lord says National City doesn’t need Supergirl, Maxwell tells Alex he doesn’t trust anyone, Cat tells Kara her mom isn’t concerned with her career as a business woman, Alex finds out Kara likes James Olsen, Lucy Lane resumes her relationship with James, and Kara and Alex’s mom reveals their father died working for Hank Henshaw.

Clearing her head by flying through the clouds, Supergirl’s peace is interrupted hearing two drivers engage in road rage, smashing their cars into each other as they recklessly speed down the street. She stops their vehicles before they hit some pedestrians. One angered driver swings at Supergirl, who grabs his fist and breaks it, all while being filmed by several bystanders. Back at D.E.O. Headquarters, Henshaw confronts Supergirl on her actions which are all over the news, including new commentary by Maxwell Lord. At the local restaurant, Lucy tells James that her dad is in town and she wants the three of them to have dinner together. She leaves, allowing Kara to speak with James alone. He tells her that Mr. Lane doesn’t like him because he’s friends with Superman. In Cat Grant’s office, the business woman is being belittled by her mother. When Kara arrives at work, Alex is there, wanting to talk about her father with Winn. Henshaw calls and both Danvers go to meet him, just as General Lane arrives, requesting Supergirl transfer to his division. He wants her to test an anti-insurgent device code named R.T. An executive order, delivered by Lucy, demands she comply. Doctor T.O. Morrow appears and opens a crate revealing a humanoid looking red character. “I call it Red Tornado.” Cue opening title sequence and first commercial break.

This episode had an impressive story that covered different aspects of anger from many different perspectives. Kara, James, a mystery character, and Cat all have different anger issues and they address them in different ways. Really impressive was Cat’s conversation with Kara in the restaurant after Kara finally said something at work — I cheered at the television when Kara had her moment. It’s only Episode 6, but I was so happy to see “this” addressed now. Calista Flockhart was outstanding! Also neat was how Kara and James worked out their issues. The focus on anger worked really well with the antagonist, Red Tornado. He evolved quite nicely in the episode, with the effects for him being really strong — with the tornado effects being outstanding. I was thrilled to see Kara’s final battle with the android, and her final action poster/print/tee shirt worthy. It was a spectacular visual moment of bad-assery. Melissa Benoist did an outstanding job in this scene.  Iddo Goldberg was good in the dual roles of Morrow and Red Tornado, but the costume for the robot looked terrible. There were too many scenes when the character would twist or turn and the chestplate would be off its chest, making it obviously a human’s costume more so than a mechanical’s front piece. Alex had a solid butt kicking scene as well, after having a moment with Maxwell Lord. How long will it be before his true nature is revealed? Glenn Morshower and Joan Juliet Buck were absolute monsters in the episode, which is what the script demanded, but they’re written so despicably that if either of them had died during the episode I would have though their deaths justified. David Harewood is slowly having his Hank move into mentor mode with Supergirl, which I enjoy, but I’m already getting tired of his flashing eyes that only viewers can see.

The good: Supergirl kicking some major butt and being really angry, Melissa Benoist, Calista Flockhart, and the effects.

Fun lines: “It’s always men who go crazy behind the wheel,” “The lady in red,” “It will not be fun,” “Kitty, darling!”, “You’re my hero,” “Excuse me?”, and the last two words Kara speaks that I can’t reveal without spoiling something major.

The bad: The costume for the Red Tornado, Maxwell Lord — I can’t tell if it’s the way the character is written or Peter Facinelli’s performance, but nothing about him in this episode was believable, it’s difficult to believe that Kara wouldn’t have confronted Henshaw about her stepfather’s fate — there’s no reason for her to tread so lightly with him, the elder Lane and Grant, and I can’t believe that the final battle (with a killer android) is set up by the D.E.O. to be so close to a busy freeway/bridge — look in the background at all the traffic behind Supergirl: the last time she encountered Red Tornado he created a monstrous tornado as tall as a skyscraper. Wouldn’t it be a little more rational to have this fighting occur as far from innocent citizens as possible? I’m just saying…

The final line: Great character moments with a spectacular end to the conflict, but little things ate away at the whole. Overall grade: B- 

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