In Review: Supergirl, Episode 58 “Legion of Super-Heroes”

This might play better for those who know nothing about the Legion of Super-Heroes.

Supergirl, Episode 58 “Legion of Super-Heroes” Broadcast on January 15, 2018

Written by Derek Simon & Eric Carrasco

Directed by Jesse Warn 

Previously on Supergirl: James and Lena kiss, a submerged spaceship is discovered to contain Mon-El and Imra Ardeen, imprisoned Thomas Coville tells Kara her purpose is to fight the devil, and Samantha Arias becomes Reign and soundly beats Supergirl.

Now on Supergirl: Kara wakes up in bed and hears a knock at her door. It’s Brainiac-5. He introduces himself and says that he’s been sent by Mon-El to check her brain — she’s currently in coma, has been for two days. He’s been awakened to communicate with her in a friendly environment of her own creation to see if she’s healing. Remembering what’s occurred and that Reign is still loose, Kara attempts to leave her loft, but the door won’t open. In the waking world aboard the Legionnaires’ ship, J’onn, Winn, and Alex discuss what’s to be done about Reign. And where is the villain? She’s playing shoot out with her daughter Ruby using Nerf rifles. Her daughter has to leave for a movie date with a friend, leaving her mother to stare angrily at a newspaper that features a large picture of Reign beating Supergirl. Her fixed expression transitions to the opening title card.

As a Legion of Super-Heroes fan, it is my favorite comic book series of all time, this was painful to get through. There were a lot of changes made with the Legionnaires, but I’ll stick to the what the story does. First, a majority of the episode has Brainy trying to figure out why Kara can’t leave her “mind prison.” The dialogue between the two is good, though the make-up on Jesse Rath looked really poor — from weird coloring on his face to oversized forehead to give him that shock of white hair. Someone at the CW should have rethought that look. Out in the real world, Mon-El and Imra appear to shoot knowing looks at one another that they can’t interfere with events from their past for fear something might happen to them. This was a little tedious until they finally revealed what their mission was that led them to Earth. As these events were transpiring, Alex met with Thomas to try to get more information out of him, but he’s given up on Supergirl. Additionally, Lena tells James they need to have a talk over that kiss. This is the strongest written portion of the episode, culminating with a classic scene between a sick Kara and Lena. The non-super powered people try to catch Reign once and almost succeed, but every viewer knows that Kara will show up for the big fight.

When the Legion do go into action there are some pros and cons. Their ship looks good and they finally fly with their flight rings, though they only go straight up in the air to look threatening and come down quickly. Imra’s abilities are good, while Mon-El continues to be taken out quickly. Brainy pilots the ship, spinning about oddly in his chair. I will say that how Reign is taken out is very cool, leading her to make a new ally by the end of the episode.

The fanboy in me really hated Brainiac-5’s look and was incredibly disappointed in the team’s results in battle. Yes, Supergirl is the star, but even the Justice Society of America was better served on Legends of Tomorrow. And three people does not constitute a legion; there are still two people who haven’t been awoken. Why not? And it was neat to see that Legion ships have bacta tanks. The worst thing of the episode was Mon-El introducing the future to Bon Jovi, which has a cringe worthy appearance in the end. The Legionnaries’ costumes were also ridiculously black. Supergirl is the only one who can have a bright costume on this show? If this is how the Legion are going to be represented on this show, send them back to the future and I’ll try to forget this.

The good: Every scene that dealt with the non-super powered cast, great effects (especially when Kara used her heat vision), the scene in the bank, and Kara’s conversation with Lena. And a famous feline!

Fun lines: “It’s you,” “I don’t like our odds without Supergirl by our side,” “Apathy is the greatest sin of all,” “I’m here to help,” “She’s already won,” “Congratulations,” “This guy,” “How do you know these words?”, “You don’t have to spare me. You just have to let me serve you,” “I got better,” “I miss that,” and “Stronger together.”

The bad: Jesse Rath was miscast, the Legionnaires’ costumes, Reign’s costume — especially her mask, Bon Jovi, Brainy’s make-up, the useless flight rings, and the lack of strength from the Legionnaires. And the wrong color for the famous feline.

The final line: This was painful. It might play better for those who know nothing about the Legion of Super-Heroes. For those that know them, this was a car wreck. I’m over the Legion and Reign on this show. Overall grade: D+

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  • Raissa Devereux (@RaissaDevereux)
    16 January 2018 at 6:08 pm -

    I agree with your review except about Streaky. I volunteer at my local Humane Society. Black cats are still the last to get adopted because of that idiotic superstition, so I was glad to see a black cat as a Super-Pet. Kara could have named Streaky for other reasons than fur.

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