In Review: Supergirl, Episode 57 “Reign”

Legionnaires and M'yrnn are great, but Reign not so much.

Supergirl, Episode 57 “Reign” Broadcast on December 4, 2017

Written by Paula Yoo & Caitlin Parrish

Directed by Glen Winter

Previously on Supergirl: Mon-El is back and he’s married to Imra Arden, while Samantha Arias learns she’s a Kryptonian justice warrior named Reign.

In the present, Samantha wakes up screaming from a nightmare. Ruby rushes in to check on her, asking if her mom found what she was looking for on her private trip yesterday. Samantha doesn’t remember going anywhere. At the DEO, Imra reveals to all assembled that Supergirl inspired Mon-El to organize a legion of super-heroes to help keep the peace at home and in the stars. Kara awkwardly invites the married couple to a holiday party she’s throwing that night, but the pair turn her down to work on getting their ship running so they can get back home. That night, J’onn and Winn try to explain to M’yrnn some of Earth’s culture, while the elder has discovered some much better tasting brown water. Kara and Alex console each other for their romantic losses. Alex dishes on Supergirl facts with Ruby, while Kara and Samantha tell Lena Luthor she should make a move on an employee. This merriment is cut short when J’onn tells Kara they have to go: he got a call. They find that someone has burned a symbol into a field that can only be seen from the sky. It’s Reign’s symbol. Cue title card and first commercial break.

Characters are key in this episode! Kara is definitely going through the wringer with happy Mon-El and Imra in front of her. Wherever one of them speaks to her alone, they’re saying all the right things at absolutely the wrong time. Melissa Benoist does a really good job of silent sorrow as one of them speaks to her, and Chris Wood is doing an equally good job of looking pained. When Kara finally speaks her heart to Mon-El it’s a winning moment. Katie McGrath gets some solid silent reactions as well, when pondering whether to take the leap into a relationship. Her scene with a significant character is also tops. Odette Annable has the biggest scenes in the episode as Samantha and Reign, with her performance as the latter slightly robotic, but necessary. The fight between her and Supergirl at the end of the episode came off as underwhelming, with the effects not the greatest, especially when flying through the night sky. It is hard to top the effects of last week’s Crisis on Earth-X. There are two male characters that appear that I wasn’t expecting, with both ramping up the tension well; though the haircut on the first actor left me scratching my head.

The good: Melissa Benoist, the Kara-Mon-El-Imra triangle, they said “Legion of Super-Heroes” (and I screamed like a child in joy!), Carl Lumbly (more scenes for him–PLEASE!), Chris Wood, the two male characters whose names I cannot reveal, the fight with the 1-7 gang directed nicely by hiding what was occurring, and a terrific final scene to leave fans pensive for over a month.

Fun lines: “The Darkness is spreading” (As a Legion fan this had me screaming again!), “The greatest Christmas song of all time,” “It so reminds me of Life Day,” “Oh, crone buddies!”, “It’s off the charts!”, “Allegedly,” “Bah. Humbug,” “He shouldn’t be alive,” “You keep walking away from me,” and, the best line of the episode, “…I am really trying to be okay with this. This is worse than…the worst thing I could possibly imagine…”

The bad: No one is addressing that there are still people aboard the Legionnaire ship in status? And no one is talking about waking them up to help repair the ship? More Legionnaires–NOW!┬áThat first surprise actor’s haircut. Reign’s costume is really 1970s TV show-ish. The effects for the fight between Supergirl and Reign in the office aren’t great.

The final line: The Reign story line was the least engaging of the episode, but it is producing some enjoyable issues for the characters. I’m loving the Legion bits and whenever M’yrnn appears, but Reign not so much. Overall grade: B

NOTE: Be sure to stick through the credits for the tease of January’s episode, featuring three hands wearing iconic jewelry!!!

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