In Review: Supergirl, Episode 52 “The Faithful”

A surprising episode that focuses on Supergirl inspiring some people incorrectly.

Supergirl, Episode 52 “The Faithful”

Written by Paula Yoo & Katie Rose Rogers

Directed by Jesse Warn

Previously on Supergirl: Samantha tries to save her daughter Ruby from a falling wrecking ball, but Supergirl shows up in time to save them both, and Alex lies to fiancée Maggie that she doesn’t want children one day.

Now: A drunk, and drinking, Thomas Coville tells the man next to him on a plane that the man’s life is a crock. As he finishes his insults, which are obviously woes of his own life, the plane begins to shake violently. Two engines are on fire — the plane is going down. Thomas looks in awe at all the people praying or taking solace with the ones they love. He has no one and nothing. Suddenly the planes lands fine on the water. Alex Danvers stands up and tells everyone they’re going to be okay. Looking outside his window, Thomas sees Kara Danvers. This is a flashback to the series’ premiere where she revealed herself to the world. Thomas’s eyes grow wide. Cue opening title card.

This was a really neat change of pace, with Supergirl having to deal with a cult that worships her. It was neat to see Jimmy and Winn helping her out initially, with Mehcad Brooks getting a great speech with Melissa Benoist at Catco. Guest star Chad Lowe really made Thomas a freak, absorbed in his take on religion and doing anything he can to further it. Benoist’s reactions to hearing Coville and his followers’ words had her looking appropriately angry and frightened. The script by Yoo and Rogers had a neat surprise with a fire and the climax was classic comic book drama without going into camp. Also good with the script was the brief ladies’ night scene.

The good: Chad Lowe, Benoist’s shocked reactions, the glasses whip that ended ladies’ night, the effects (especially with the fire and Supergirl’s pain in the final act), great exit by Lowe, excellent moment with the youngsters and Ruby, Samantha’s outstanding final scene with teases of things to come, and that mysterious final minute with something awakening.

Fun lines: “Welcome, children of Rao,” “I remember all of them,” “Me. They’re praying to me,” “I can dig it,” “You’re one of us now,” “When you look into the eyes of God you do not forget,” and “How are you not a miracle?”

The bad: The setting for the climax made me think of Canada and not America. I’m really feeling sorry for Ruby and Emma Tremblay for not getting enough to do. I’m wanting Alex and Maggie broken up already. Can this relationship just come to an end and the show move on?

The final line: A surprising episode that focuses on Supergirl inspiring some people incorrectly. Overall grade: B+

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