In Review: Supergirl – Crossfire

Supergirl must beat a ruthless new gang who has been armed with dangerous new alien technology.

Synopsis: Supergirl must beat a ruthless new gang who has been armed with dangerous new alien technology.

Review: Supergirl embraces its soap suds this week with the continuation of the B – Story in which Kara’s sister Alex is trying to come to terms with the fact that she maybe gay and is nursing a huge woman crush on Detective Sawyer. I can’t personally blame her.

There is also some light touches of comedy in which Kara tries to play mentor to alien newcomer Mon-El, but the cultural differences between his home planet and that of Kara’s come shining on through as he proceeds to seduce Jimmy’s PA into a broom closet.

Meanwhile the gang that Supergirl is up against are highly weaponised and it is revealed that it is Lena Luther’s mother that has been providing them.  Ironically it is a combination of Lena Luther, Supergirl and Winn that put an end to the gang.

Elsewhere Jimmy Olsen is trying to play hero and seems to be continually getting his ass handed to him. He goes to Winn for help, but finds that his former workmate is initially reluctant to help. We shall most likely see the heroic unveiling of Olsen’s hero persona in the coming weeks. But I honestly ain’t to sure where this plot thread will go. Maybe they should just kill Jimmy now or ship him off back to Metropolis.

All in all this episode was pretty average and by the numbers. About the only thing it achieved was the reveal that Cadmus was pretty much run by Mummy Luther.

Not even the strong performances from Melissa Benoist and Katie McGrath could elevate this one. Hopefully they show will find its mojo again next week. Its certainly took the week off this week. 

Supergirl - Crossfire
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