In Review: Supergirl – Crisis on Infinite Earths Part 1

The Monitor sends harbinger to gather the worlds' greatest superheroes - Supergirl, The Flash, Green Arrow, Batwoman, White Canary, The Atom and Superman - in preparation for the impending crisis.

Synopsis: The Monitor sends harbinger to gather the worlds’ greatest superheroes – Supergirl, The Flash, Green Arrow, Batwoman, White Canary, The Atom and Superman – in preparation for the impending crisis. With their worlds in imminent danger, the superheroes suit up for battle. J’onn and Alex recruit Lena to help them find a way to save the people of Earth-38.

Review: And so it begins. The event that we have all been waiting for all year. The event that delayed my review of the finale of Watchman for about 10 hours or so. Did the first hour of this event live up to the hype? Rean on and find out. But please be warned. Spoilers are ahead.

The Story

When Central City begins to suffer Earthquakes and events that can only mean the end of times. Brainiac figures out that a massive wave of antimatter is heading for Earth, but not just one Earth. All of them. Thus begins the crisis and as the story rolls along Lyla in her new role of Harbinger gathers up all of the heroes as in the best of the best. She only just manages to scoop Superman and Lois Lane from Argo City before it is wiped out. This is lucky given that he along with supergirl play a vital role in what is the first of many battles with the Anti Monitors army. The only problem is. Before they got scooped up they had sent their son Jonathan off in a ship, which was headed to earth, but by a freak accident in wound up on Earth 16. So as all the heroes gather to stand and fight. It is down to Brainiac, White Canary and Lois to head to Earth 16 and rescue superman’s son.

Elsewhere, while the battle rages on Earth 38, which is the Earth that the Supergirl series is set in. Alex goes to Lena and pleas with her to build a transportation device to help with the evacuation of Earth 38. Lena is of course still annoyed at Alex and the Supergirl team for lying to her for some much time but decides to help while making it clear that they will never be friends again.

The Acting

Stephen Amell gets a few great scenes in this opening installment, which includes his much-anticipated death scene, which has been foretold so much throughout the series that it was always a matter of when and not if. We all know Superheroes do not die for long. We get a great scene on Earth 16 where White Canary meets that earth’s version of Oliver Queen, who is very much alive when she leaves him. But it is the conversation that she has with him before she leaves was rather poignant.

We get some fun moments between Brandon Routh and Ruby Rose in which The Atom aka Ray Palmer offers to upgrade Batwoman’s tech but almost loses his hand in the process as she initially doesn’t trust him. It’s the jokier moments between the high drama that makes these crossovers work.

The episode also has some fun cameos that many will recognize. Cameos from Burt Ward the original television version of Dick Grayson aka Robin from the iconic 1960s Batman series and a brief appearance from ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’ actor and uber-geek Wil Wheaton as a doomsday protestor.


This first episode was mostly about bringing the team together and showing us and them what they are up against, which is a whole world of pain given that one of the heroes has fallen so early.

We learn that it is the fault of Harrison ‘Nash’ Wells that the Anti Monitor has been released and he is along for the ride as his penance. Quite how that will likely play out in the next couple of episodes as yet remains to be seen, but I am pretty sure they will probably save that particular thread of the story for ‘The Flash’ episode that will air on Tuesday.

Overall. This is a fairly epic beginning to what will likely be the biggest crossover event that CW has done to date with their collection of DC Characters, but it wasn’t perfect. The storyline involving Brainiac, Lois and White Canary going to earth 16 to rescue Supermans Baby did feel a little forced, but that said it did lead to some of the best character beats of the episode even though it felt a bit random that supermans kid would wind up on earth 16.

All this said though. This is a solid start and we can now look forward to seeing what part 2 has to offer as the Heroes make another stand on Earth 1.

Supergirl - Crisis on Infinite Earths Part 1
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