In Review: Supergirl – Alex in Wonderland

Alex uses a pair of Obsidian contact lenses to visit a virtual National City where she takes on a whole new persona.

Synopsis: Alex uses a pair of Obsidian contact lenses to visit a virtual National City where she takes on a whole new persona.

The Story

Having learned that their father Jeremiah has passed away Alex who has some unresolved and somewhat complicated feelings about her father has a bit of an argument with Kara and uses the Obsidian contact lenses as an escape. In the VR simulation, Alex becomes Supergirl and enjoys having superpowers for awhile. Things get a bit tricky when Alex begins to lose her sense of reality and gets drawn into VR a little too deeply.

In the outside world, Kelly Olsen is helping William Dey with his investigation into Lex Luther and his involvement with Obsidian. While looking into things Kelly finds out that there are a number of people that have been in VR for periods of over 48 hours and some have not even bothered to come out. When she returns home to find that Alex could well be trapped in a VR World. It falls on Kelly to help her girlfriend find her way back to reality.

The Acting

Chyler Leigh gets an episode to herself as Alex becomes a Virtual Reality version of Supergirl and gets to work alongside None Player versions of Dreamer, Brainiac, and J’onn J’onnz and takedown Hank Henshaw. On the outside, Azie Tesfai puts in a compelling performance as Kelly Olsen as she slowly but surely uncovers a few flaws in the VR system. Tesfai’s scenes with Staz Nair’s William Dey and Julie Gonzalo’s Andrea Rojas were well acted. Anne Hollister was also pretty good as Bonnie/Tillie who is a point of contact for Alex in VR and the trigger character for when stuff starts going wrong.


A fun episode, which gives fans a look at what Supergirl would be like if Alex took on the mantle. We also get some clever links to Lethiathon as we see the old lady in the EMT costume again standing guard and monitoring a group of unconscious people who are trapped in their VR fantasies. As to why Lethaithon is using people in this way remains to be seen. Hopefully, we’ll learn a little more in the weeks to come depending on whether or not CW will be able to finish production on the season.

Supergirl - Alex in Wonderland
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