In Review: Stranger Things: Science Camp #4

The science-focused summer camp Dustin is attending has been besieged by a sinister figure wearing a menacing Einstein mask.

Synopsis: The science-focused summer camp Dustin is attending has been besieged by a sinister figure wearing a menacing Einstein mask. While the camp counselors themselves debate what to do to keep the kids safe, Dustin and Suzie round up a crew of kids to get to the bottom of the mystery and protect themselves!


The Story

Picking the action up from where the last issue left off. Dustin and Susie have put together a team, which consists of the two bullies. As they proceed to plan how they intend to catch the mysterious killer. The camp counselors begin an investigation of their own.

The Artwork

Edgar Salazar brings some great pages to this issue. I loved the series of panels where the camp counselors and Dustin’s gang very nearly bump into each other while they both investigate. Furthermore, the panels where the would-be killer is wrestled to the ground as the story concludes are brilliantly done.

We also get a nice visual call back at the close of the story in which Dustin flashes back to his prom night, which featured in the third season finale. Luckily things end on a more positive note for Dustin on this occasion.



My feelings are a bit mixed when it comes to this final issue. Given that it was so obviously inspired by 80s slasher films. The conclusion felt a little bit too scooby doo for me. Admittedly, it was good Scooby-Doo. It still has that vibe of “I’d have gotten away with it. If not for you pesky kids.” But I guess we can’t always have grisly murderers or killer aliens.

An aspect I did enjoy was the relationships that formed between Dustin and his gang. In particular, the friendship that starts to form between Dustin and the bullies was nicely handled and quite believable. I also enjoyed the role that Susie played in the group.

Overall. A good conclusion to what has been a fun story. But I’d have preferred it be less scooby do.

Stranger Things: Science Camp #4
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