In Review: Stranger Things: Science Camp #2

Terror at Camp Know Where! Terror has struck Camp Know Where! A camp counselor has disappeared in the night with no clue but a distant scream.
Science Camp

Synopsis: Terror at Camp Know Where! Terror has struck Camp Know Where! A camp counselor has disappeared in the night with no clue but a distant scream. Suspicions arise, and as Dustin inadvertently passes the acid test to become the cool kid at science camp, he must balance his newfound popularity with the rising tensions and try not to get his wires crossed with other campers.


The Story

In the wake of one of the camps counselor’s going missing. The remaining counselors think little of the disappearance due to a note being left by the killer. Elsewhere in the camp. Dustin begins to think he may have bitten off more than he can chew when it comes to Dungeon Mastering a D&D session to prove a point to camp bullies. Added to that is the prospect of a little romance for him from an admirer from the girl’s side of the camp.


The Artwork

Edgar Salazar nails the visuals in this issue as we hear some fun references to the ‘Friday The 13th’ franchise, which this story is very much inspired by. I really enjoyed the flashback sequences that Salazar produced for when Dustin is comparing his time at the camp to his adventures back home. I also loved the establishing shot of the cabin with an open door when Dustin and his new friends investigate the site of a second disappearing counselor. The shot of Dustin and his friend inside the cabin with their flashlight made The X-Files spring to mind.



Jodie Houser continues to impress with her dialogue and seems to have found Dustin’s voice quite easily.  I loved the moment where the young girl approaches Dustin and tries to engage with him only to feel that she is getting nowhere with him. It felt very much in Dustin’s character to be so preoccupied with his project that he is unable to see when a girl is interested in him.

Overall. A great second issue, which sets up the mystery and adventure we’ll get to see in the next.


You can get your own digital copy of this comic and subscribe and get back issues at ComiXology.

Stranger Things: Science Camp #2
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