In Review: Stranger Things: Into the Fire #3

A former Hawkins Lab subject is closer than she's ever been to finding her estranged pyrokinetic twin sister...

Synopsis: A former Hawkins Lab subject is closer than she’s ever been to finding her estranged pyrokinetic twin sister after tracking down a scientist involved in Dr. Brenner’s experiments and forcefully prying her location from him. Can she reach her powerful sister before her twin loses control of her powers and burns down her surroundings . . . again?

The Story

Having found the scientist that looked after their sister. Marcy and Ricky force the information regarding her whereabouts out of him and set about trying to break her out. Back at facility Number 9 who is Marcy and Ricky’s sister has managed to stage her own breakout.

The Artwork

The art team of Ryan Kelly, Le Beau L. Underwood, and colorist Triona Farrell continue to do some wonderful work on this book. Much like in the last issue. It is really the flashback sequences to Dr. Brenner’s experiments with the children that stand out for me. The black and white work adds an element of drama that I don’t think we’d have if those panels were in color. The sequence where the scientist tells Marcy and Ricky how Brenner dismissed their sister and the other children once he’d found 11 was drawn really well.


Jody Houser continues to build on elements of ‘Stranger Things’ that were only touched upon during the shows second season. In that, he tells us what happened to the other children that were housed in the facility with Eleven. I have really been enjoying how Houser has been relating nines storyline to us as a kind of fairytale, while at the same time placing Ryan and Marcy’s search for their sister as very much in the real world.

Each issue of this book has been a real treat for those like myself who enjoy exploring the mythology of television shows that little bit further. The addition of Ryan and Marcy to the overall ‘Stranger Things’ storyline has enriched my enjoyment of the series a little more. Overall.  A great ongoing mini-series, which I will be sorry to see the end of.

Stranger Things: Into the Fire #3
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