In Review: Stranger Things and Dungeons & Dragons #3

Months have passed since Eleven defeated the Mindflayer by closing a gate to the Upside Down
Stranger Things

Synopsis: In Stranger Things and Dungeons & Dragons. Months have passed since Eleven defeated the Mindflayer by closing a gate to the Upside Down—saving her friends and probably the world. Life is rapidly changing for the young group of friends and despite all, they have been through they are finding time to play D&D again. This time, new members are joining the party.


The Story

While introducing Max and El to Dungeons & Dragons. The boys go all out to sell the girls about the storytelling aspects of the game. Taking on the role of Dungeon Master Will leads the group on a cave adventure where they run into a giant spider-like creature. While taking turns to attack the Spider. El accidentally lets rip with her telekinetic powers and creates a crack in the cellar wall. When something scuttles through the crack. Things become a little too real.


The Artwork

Diego Galindo’s art is pretty tight. He manages to capture the likenesses of the characters and their expressions really well. Additionally, his take on the action is quite frenetic and fun to look at. There’s a real sense of movement to the action. Furthermore, I really enjoyed his representations of the various D&D characters and how he shows us the action of the game in such a way that it was being imagined by the players.



Set in the time between the close of season two and the start of season three. This book fills in some of the time that the friends spent together over the summer they had together when they were not fighting the Mindflyer. It also takes place shortly before Dustin’s adventure at Science Camp, which just wrapped recently. I loved the dialogue between the characters. Especially when the girls are having trouble getting their heads around the rules of D&D. The interplay between all the characters felt realistic and at times quite funny.

I also loved how Mike was going all out to impress El by being as chivalrous as he could during the game.

Overall. A really fun read.


Stranger Things and Dungeons & Dragons #3
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