In Review: Strange Adventures (2020-) #9 – The Whole Worlds Looking

The Pykkts are attacking Earth. As the only warrior in all the cosmos to ever defeat them, Adam Strange leads the planet’s mightiest heroes in all-out war!
Strange Adventures

Synopsis: This month on ‘Strange Adventures’. The Pykkts are attacking Earth. As the only warrior in all the cosmos to ever defeat them, Adam Strange leads the planet’s mightiest heroes in all-out war! The only thing is, evidence is mounting that Adam’s victory on Rann may not have been everything he says it was. There is time unaccounted for, circumstances left unexplained. Even Batman has started to wonder about his friend.


The Story

Batman and the Justice League have released Mr. Terrific’s report on Adam Strange. Indeed, things do not look good for him. Adam’s wife Alanna is taking on the task of handling the media and trying to sway public opinion. Meanwhile, the Pykkts are taking more and more of Earth and the Justice League is in the fight of their lives. Although Adam is fighting the same fight. He is being shunned by members of the JLA. Superman in particular does not want to deal with him.


The Artwork

Since the very first issue of this run on ‘Strange Adventures’. The artwork has been consistently great and that continues for this issue. The art team of Mitch Gerads and Evan Shaner continues to provide some awesome visuals for this book. I loved the sequence where Strange tries to talk with Superman while he is taking on some sort of giant robot. And in contrast, the talking heads on the various television shows that debate whether or not Adam Strange is the hero or villain.



This issue pretty much sees the fallout from Batman’s investigation into Adam Strange and it with brilliant how writer Tom King handles the talking heads on the news. The whole comic is pretty much a clever comment on public opinion and how it can be manipulated by the media. Alanna’s speech on the news shows that she appears on felt rather Trumpian in its approach to acknowledging that there was truth in the allegations made toward Adam Strange. Indeed, she absolutely goes all out in selling Adam Strange’s actions as those of a war hero. Rhetorically asking the audience if they want someone that will win by punishing the enemy. Or if they want the JLA who will fight by the rules.  It’s a reminder that war is not civilized.



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Strange Adventures (2020-) #9
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