In Review: Strange Adventures (2020-) #5

Mr. Terrific is back on Earth, and he’s making things hot for Adam Strange-but he also might get a little burned himself!

Synopsis: Mr. Terrific is back on Earth, and he’s making things hot for Adam Strange-but he also might get a little burned himself! The conflict is out in the open now, and the court of public opinion doesn’t play fair. Mr. Terrific was picked to investigate the accusations against Adam Strange because he was the most impartial member of the Justice League-but can even he keep all of this from getting personal?


The Story

As Mr. Terrific is on his return journey to Earth. Things change and suddenly the US Government finds itself in need of the services of Adam Strange and his wife Alanna Strange. Thing kick into high gear when a Pykkt Robot attacks Gotham City. The news coverage of Batman fighting the Robot convinces the US Government to intervene and create some oversight over the Justice League by placing Adam Strange in a leadership role to help them fight the pending invaders. Of course, The Justice League is not thrilled about this.

In the flashback sequences. We see Adam and Allana struggle to try and unite the tribes of Rann as once again they find themselves Prisoners, but this time they are at the mercy of The Rock people.


The Artwork

The artwork continues to be a visual treat with me favoring the more fantasy visuals of the flashback scenes to the present-day scenes on Earth. The sequences where Adam and his wife are held prisoner in a sealed cave and Adam is trying to dig their way out is fantastic. Even down to the detail of them having to eat the planets plentiful supply of rats in order to survive. In terms of the sequences set on Earth. I loved the few panels at the Press Conference where Martian Man Hunter was addressing the crowds and Allana calls him out on his BS.



Another strong issue, which uncovers more of the political machinations that are happening in the background. You find yourself not entirely sure who is in the right. Adam Strange and his wife or The Justice League? Is the Pykkt invasion of Earth being entirely manufactured or is it a very real danger?

Strange Adventures (2020-) #5
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