In Review: Strange Adventures (2020-2021) #8

The battle against the Pykkts continues!
Strange Adventures

Synopsis: This month on Strange Adventures. The battle against the Pykkts continues! The Justice League-including Green Lantern, Doctor Fate, Batman, the Flash, Superman, and Wonder Woman-has scattered across the Earth, pushing back the marauders wherever they appear.


The Story

The Pykkts have invaded Earth and despite their best efforts. The Justice League has struggled to defend the planet. Batman is in Phoenix, which has been hit hardest. The Flash is called in to rescue whoever he can. All he finds is death. Additionally, Mr. Terrific has taken a break from investigating Adam Strange’s war crimes and has landed a punch or two. He even manages to disable a Pykkt.

In the flashback sequences on Rann. We see Adam Strange struggling to adapt to his domestic life while taking a break from the war.


The Artwork

Strange Adventures continues to benefit from some fantastic artwork. Both Mitch Gerads and Evan Shaner continue to bring us some fantastic panels. I particularly enjoyed the sequences on Rann where Adam Strange is struggling to adapt to domestic life after having survived an ordeal. But best of all is the sequence where we see him called in to help out with a captive Pykkt.

I also enjoyed the sequences in which we see Batman and Mr. Terrific talking to their Pykkt prisoner.



This was a really cool issue. The addition of the Justice League has given the story a little more pace. And seeing Adam Strange’s old life on Rann has you questioning whether he is guilty of war crimes or not. And given what the Pykkt tells Batman and Mr. Terriffic towards the end of the comic only adds further fuel to that question.

Additionally, the sequence in Phoenix where The Flash goes looking for survivors is well handled. And gives us an idea of how aggressive and how hard the Pykkts are prepared to fight. It also has you wondering if Batman and the Justice League have perhaps bitten off more than they can chew.


Strange Adventures (2020-2021) #8
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