In Review: Stargirl (S3 – EP8) Frenemies – Chapter Eight: Infinity Inc. (2)

Desperate to avert a major crisis on their hands, Courtney attempts to help a friend navigate their powers.

Synopsis: In Infinity Inc part 2, Desperate to avert a major crisis on their hands, Courtney attempts to help a friend navigate their powers. Elsewhere, Pat and The Shade are forced to face their worst fears.


The Story

Picking the story up from where last week left off. Courtney and Jennifer find their way to the Helix building where they meet Nurse Love and the mysterious Mr. Bones. Meanwhile, The Shade and Pat are given a whistle-stop tour of the shadow realms in which Pat must face up to some of the realities in his life. Particularly when it comes to his relationship with his young son Mike who will be lost to him if he doesn’t change his ways. 

At Helix Mr. Bones and Nurse Love are separating people with powers from society and teaching them how best to live in solitude. They are particularly fearful that Jennifer’s brother Todd could destroy the world with his powers over the shadows, which are similar to the powers that The Shade has. Courtney convinces Mr. Bones that Todd needs the help of his sister Jennifer in order for him to regain control and not be operating out of fear. Reluctantly, Mr. Bones and Nurse Love allow Courtney and Jennifer to reach out to Todd, which saves the day. But there is still the lingering question about who it is that is watching Blue Valley because it is sure as heck isn’t Helix.


The Acting

We get great performances all around in this episode. I particularly enjoyed seeing Jonathan Cake and Luke Wilson paired up as The Shade and Pat in the Shadow Realm. I especially loved the Shade’s sarcastic remarks towards Pat as they initially begin to navigate their way through. We also get strong performances from Brec Bassinger as Courtney and Keith David as Mr. Bones. I loved the scene where they first meet each other and Courtney manages to convince him to do things her way.



Infinity Inc part 2 was a satisfying conclusion to the story, but could also maybe considered a backdoor pilot of sorts for a show based on a team made up of Helix, which was suggested in the episode. Either way. It’s always good to hear and see Keith David in a role that felt tailor-made for him. So should Mr. Bones ever return to the world of Stargirl. I for one will be thrilled to see him.

Stargirl (S3 - EP8) Frenemies - Chapter Eight: Infinity Inc. (2)
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