In Review: STARGIRL (S3 – EP7) FRENEMIES – CHAPTER 7 – Infinity Inc. (1)

Beth makes a major discovery on The Gambler's laptop, and the team moves forward with a risky plan

Synopsis: In Infinity Inc part one, Beth makes a major discovery on The Gambler’s laptop, and the team moves forward with a risky plan that effects the entire town of Blue Valley.


The Story

This week’s story picks up from last week’s events but also looks to tie up a few loose ends from the back end of season two. The episode begins with the establishing scene that we got last season for Jennifer-Lynn Hayden who we came to know as Jade aka the female Green Lantern. We get a repeat of the scene where she leaves the care home, but then we get to see some events that happened to Jennie’s brother, which apparently happened at the same time. These events end with Jennie’s brother Todd being taken into a home, which happens to be the headquarters for an organization called Helix, which is headed up by Mr. Bones.

Meanwhile, back in Blue Valley. Beth and Hour-Man who now has unlimited power, which is getting to his head a bit, are going around the town destroying all of Lizard King’s secret cameras. Elsewhere, Courtney and Pat get an unexpected visit from The Shade who needs their help in trying to get his powers back. Apparently in the episode where they all fought Eclipso in last year’s finale, Jade’s Green Lantern Ring somehow sapped The Shade of quite a bit of his dark energy and they need to figure out how to separate that energy from the ring.


The Acting

Jonathan Cake makes a fantastic return as The Shade and really draws Courtney and Pat into quite a fun side adventure that takes them away from the main driving storyline. We also get a very brief guest starring spot from Keith David who is under heavy make-up as the mysterious Mr. Bones who is conducting some weird experiments on Jannie’s brother at the Helix project. Hopefully we get to find out more about this incarnation of Mr. Bones and what he is up to in next week’s show.



Infinity Inc part one sets up an interesting side storyline to the main one. And gives Courtney and Pat something new to focus on while Hour-Man deals with his power addiction and the other group members start to deal with their various dramas. A highlight for me was seeing the return of The Shade who has to be my favorite character in this series.

STARGIRL (S3 – EP7) FRENEMIES – CHAPTER 7 - Infinity Inc. (1)
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