IN REVIEW: STARGIRL (S3 – EP13) Chapter Thirteen: The Reckoning

The JSA squares off against Jordan, Sylvester, and the Mahkents, while the Young All-Stars fight Ultra-Humanite.

Synopsis: In The Reckoning, The JSA squares off against Jordan, Sylvester, and the Mahkents, while the Young All-Stars fight Ultra-Humanite.


The Story

Having been buried alive by The Ultra Humanite in last week’s show. Pat manages to dig his way out in time to help the JSA in their final battle against Jordon, Sylvester who is really the Ultra Humanite, and the Mahkents. This fight pretty much dominates most of the episode as Cameron and his grandfather change sides partway through the battle as they realize that it is all a zero-sum game. Meanwhile, Young Mike, Jakeem, and the Dragon Queen take on the Dragon King who has put himself into the Ultra Humanite’s white Ape body.


The Acting

Brec Bassinger does a solid job of leading this series finale of Stargirl, which has probably been one of the better DC shows that CW has put out. Once again we get great performances from Luke Wilson and Joel McHale as Pat and Sylvester or Sylvester with the personality of Ultra Humanite. The fight scenes between these two are truly amazing.



The series finale sees Stargirl and the JSA truly come of age as they face a deadly reckoning with some much-needed help from the more mature heroes. Pretty much all the key characters get a decent amount of closure. As we see Beth reconcile with her mother and father. While Yolando finally gets to fix things with her family. Further to that. A healed Rick Tayler aka Hour Man finally reconnects with his old friend Sullivan Grundy. While Stargirl aka Courtney gets her chance to continue helping Cameron.

The episode ends quite neatly, but not every plot thread gets resolved. With Sylvester’s body pretty much just a body again. The team decides to keep him on life support just in case they are able to find out where Dragon King stashed Sylvester’s brain.

As season finales go. This wasn’t a bad one as it ends 10 years in the future with an expanded roster of heroes and The Shade giving tourists a tour of the JSA’s headquarters. It’s a fitting end because a hero’s work is never done right?

STARGIRL (S3 – EP13) Chapter Thirteen: The Reckoning
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