In Review: Stargirl (S2 – EP4) Summer School: Chapter Four

Cindy begins to gather her new ISA

Synopsis: In Chapter Four Cindy begins to gather her new ISA, while the Crocks break out of prison to see their daughter’s tryouts.


The Story

This episode is packed and begins by introducing us to Artemis Crock as she visits her parents in prison. As the plot unfolds we learn that her parents are none other than Sportsmaster and Huntress. Artemis is trying out for the school’s football team and wants nothing more than for her parents to be there. She winds up getting her wish when her folks break out of jail to watch her play.

Elsewhere, Courtney suspects that Pat is hiding something from her and learns that he is when she learns about Eclipso from the A.I in Beth’s Goggles. After a brief chat with Pat who has little choice but to give Courtney some information. She winds up researching Eclipso and the Black Diamond via books. While in a book store Courtney has a chance encounter with The Shade who tells her that Eclipso killed Dr. Midnights’ 10-year-old daughter.

Meanwhile. Cindy Burman who is in possession of the Black Diamond and is under Eclipso’s influence is beginning to recruit for the Injustice Society. One of her candidates happens to be Artemis Crock.


The Acting

Stella Smith puts in a solid performance as Artemis Crock who is understandably angry and somewhat messed up because of her living situation. Likewise, we get a nice performance from Meg DeLacy in her role of Cindy Burman who is at her manipulative best in this episode. I really enjoyed the scene where she befriends Isaac Bowen while trying to recruit him.

Also, Brec Bassinger gets a great scene with Jonathan Cake as Courtney gets some interesting information from The Shade.



Chapter Four of Summer School begins to bring some of the plot threads together. But also manages to have some fun in the process by having Sportsmaster and Huntress break out of jail. The scenes between the Crocks and Pat and the family are by and large played for laughs. While much of the dramatic stuff involved Courtney and the JSA researching the Black Diamond.

Overall. A fun episode.

Stargirl (S2 - EP4) Summer School: Chapter Four
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