In Review: Stargirl (S2 -EP2) Summer School: Chapter Two

Courtney displays her inner green eyed monster...
Chapter Two

Synopsis: In Chapter Two. Still, on the lookout for evil in Blue Valley, Courtney grows suspicious after an unexpected visitor shows up at the Dugan house.


The Story

Picking up from last week. Courtney has just engaged in a fight with Jenny who broke into the Dugan house to find her father’s Lantern. It turns out that Jenny is the daughter of Earth’s first Green Lantern Alan Scott. Of course, Courtney is immediately suspicious of Jenny and becomes more so when she shows a pathological willingness to please Pat her family by making breakfast. Meanwhile, while Courtney is wrestling with a serious case of the green-eyed monster and Jenny is learning from Pat about her Father and the Ring. Another villain has ridden into town in the form of Richard Swift who is also known as The Shade. Swift pays Barbara a visit to ask about some old antiques.

Added to all of this. Cindy Burman is made to kill her own mother by Eclipso.


The Acting

Chapter Two of this second story arc for Stargirl has some solid acting performances. Ysa Penarejo is great in the role of Jenny who we all know is going to become The Jade Lantern. In fact, we know this because we see that transformation happen. Penarejo is given a great character to play with. Her opening scene in this episode is a flashback in which we see Jenny asked to leave a care home because she has aged out of the foster care system. In the scene. The woman who runs the home advises Jenny to not be too eager to please because it can be an annoying trait. I just love the fact that Penarego’s character is bucking against the stereotype of a rebellious teen leaving the care home system.

The introduction of Jenny and the Jade Lantern proves to be some great motivation for Brec Bassinger to show viewers the jealous side of Courtney Whitmore. The scenes of her rolling her eyes at Jenny are kind of fun to watch. But the scene where Courtney apologizes to Jenny for her behavior, later on, is really good as we get to see Jenny let rip with her feelings. Especially when Courtney tells her that she has everything. When in fact she has never had the security of friends and family like Courtney has.



We get strong acting performances and some nice character introductions for Shade and Jade Lantern. A bit heavy on exposition as the writers lay some foundations for what is to come. However, on a positive note. Chapter Two does give us some strong acting and good character development for Courtney. And Cindy Burman’s storyline is looking fairy intriguing.

Stargirl (S2 -EP2) Summer School: Chapter Two
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