In Review: Stargirl (S2 EP1) Summer School Chapter One

With summer break around the corner, Pat suggests the family take a vacation.

Synopsis: In this opening episode of Stargirl. With summer break around the corner, Pat suggests the family take a vacation. Beth stumbles upon a major secret her parents have been keeping from her. Rick secretly tracks Solomon Grundy after suspecting he may be still in the area.


The Story

This episode gets off to a spooky start as we see a flashback showing us the death of Dr. Mid-Nites daughter at the hands of a young Eclipso.

In the present day. Courtney is struggling to find the balance between being Stargirl and being a regular student. In the hopes of helping her with that transition, Pat has booked the family a holiday. But things soon go wrong when Courtney picks a fight with Artemis Crock. Making matters worse. Pat has to cancel the holiday because Courtney’s teacher insists that she repeat summer school. Also, Courtney and the staff near as damn destroy the house when she has a run-in with Green Lantern’s daughter.

Elsewhere, Beth is struggling with the fact that her parents are getting a divorce but is also desperately trying to get the Dr. Mid-Nite A I working on her goggles again. Rick is looking for Solomon Grundy, while Yolanda is struggling with guilt over having had to kill Brainwave.

Meanwhile, Cindy Burman the daughter of Dragon King has returned and plans to reform the Injustice Society. 


The Acting

All the actors step back into their respective roles rather easily. Brec Bassinger is as plucky as ever in the role of Courtney Whitmore aka Stargirl. Although we get more of Courtney in this episode than we do of Stargirl. As the main driving force of this opener is to do with Courtney’s struggle to find a balance between her normal life and her superhero life. Luke Wilson’s role of Pat Duggan continues to be the stabilizing force in Courtney’s life as Pat tries to steer her towards a healthy work/life balance.

Overall. The acting performances were pretty solid although the storyline seemed to be rather a slow burn. Although we do get treated to a bit of a ding dong between Courtney and the daughter of Green Lantern.



This second season of Stargirl gets off to a rather slow start but ends up with a bit of a sting in its tail as we see the return of Cindy Burman and the implications of that.

Stargirl (S2 EP1) Summer School Chapter One
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