In Review: Stargirl (S1 – E4) – Wildcat

Courtney sets out to recruit new members to the Justice Society of America

Synopsis: Courtney sets out to recruit new members to the Justice Society of America; Pat’s suspicion is piqued following a bizarre conversation with one of the town’s residents.


The Story

Having found out about the Justice Society of America in last week’s episode. Courtney is inspired and sets about trying to form her own version of it. Her first port of call is Yolanda Montez, whose backstory sees he being punished a slut-shamed for an awful mistake. At first, Courtney is looking to help Yolanda who is being bullied by Cindy Burman who is the most popular girl in school, but when Courtney sees Yolanda punching the hell out of a punchbag. She quickly talks Yolanda into joining her new version of the JSA and gives her Wildcat’s old costume, which miraculously fits Yolanda perfectly. Now a team of two. Courtney and Yolanda go on a mission to find out who is visiting Brainwave in the hospital.

Elsewhere, Pat’s radar pings after a strange conversation with Denise Zarick who was the wife of William Zarick aka The Wizard who was killed off last week by Icicle. Denise tries to warn Pat that all is not right with the town, but gets scared and drives off before finishing what she was trying to tell him.

Meanwhile, Icicle is at the headquarters of the Injustice League and has a conversation with Dr. Ito aka Dragon King who is secretly the father of Cindy Burman. Ito basically tells Icicle that The Wizard was never really a team play and he is glad that icicle had the good sense to do away with him.


The Acting

The standard of acting coming from the younger members of the cast this week was absolutely brilliant. Yvette Monreal did a fantastic job of making us believe in Yolanda’s pain. The scene where Yolanda tells Courtney that she is not sure she can be Wildcat until she has been able to reclaim her identity as Yolanda was outstanding. As was the powerful scene immediately after that where she tries to obtain the forgiveness of her family who has pretty much been giving her the silent treatment for 3 months because they feel that Yolanda’s mistake terrible that it is for her, is a reflection on them.

Brec Bassinger is once again really good as Courtney and Stargirl and seems to embody the go-getting innocent, but adventurous spirit of the comic book character with ease. Her scenes with Yvette Monreal were brilliantly done due to what seemed like effortless chemistry between the two young women.



A really strong episode, which tackles the difficult subject of slut-shaming really well by not pulling punches and not walking on eggshells either. The story element of Yolanda’s pain and remorse about what happened works brilliantly in counterpoint to her taking on the mantle of Wildcat in order to hopefully do something positive with it.

The scene at the end where Yolanda tries to seek the forgiveness of her family was really impactful and felt like a real gut punch when her mother tells her that she can never be the Yolanda she used to be. The statement is true. She can never be the Yolanda she used to be. She can be better. The fact that her family is not prepared to recognize that and help her to rise above and own her mistake and grow from it by helping prevent it from happening to someone else is very sad. The whole episode is a powerful statement of an issue that is very current and can have tragic implications for many young women that fall victim to having this happen to them.

Overall. A great episode, which will hopefully gradually build toward Yolanda taking her power back and eventually get some positivity back from her family, who at present seem to forget that their daughter is more of a victim in this than they realize. Especially given that she was pressured into sending the sext by someone that she has put total trust in. None of the blame of it all seems to be getting placed on Henry King Jr who essentially betrayed Yolanda’s trust by showing the image she sent to him to the lads and letting it circulate throughout the school, which is more likely to do with Cindy Burman than Henry.

Aside from the dramatic elements. The action in which Yolanda learns to abilities of Wild Cat was pretty standard and not really too much to write home about, which makes me think that the writers are saving the budget for bigger things toward the end of the season. It was fun watching Wildcat scale the building with her claws and nearly fall, but we only really glimpsed what her abilities were.

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