In Review: Stargirl: Frenemies (S3 – EP4) Chapter Four: The Evidence

After one of Sylvester’s plans results in an unexpected outcome, Pat calls upon an old friend for help.

Synopsis: In The Evidence After one of Sylvester’s plans results in an unexpected outcome, Pat calls upon an old friend for help. Meanwhile, Beth uncovers a new suspect in their murder investigation, and Courtney reaches out to Cameron.


The Story

Having survived a beating in last week’s episode Sylvester continues to struggle with his identity when he isn’t Starman. Meanwhile, Stargirl and the gang go to the scene of the crime to see if they can turn up some new evidence and thanks to a little help from Charles McNider. Beth figures out that Sylvester’s attacker was none other than The Dragon King. Meanwhile, Cindy Burman continues to try and get into Dragon King’s old computer system and appears to be undergoing a transformation, which sees her developing reptilian skin on one of her arms. 

Elsewhere, Cameron Mahkent is forced to give up his artwork as his hands can no longer work like they used to due to his condition. Knowing that he is in a great deal of pain and needs support. Courtney reaches out to Cameron and suggests that he may want to try and use his newfound condition to try and create art with Ice. We’re pretty sure that Cameron’s grandparents would have a thing or two to say about that. 


The Acting

Brec Bassinger continues to be a strong lead as Courtney and Stargirl and has some great scenes with Cameron (Hunter Sansone) as well as scenes in her JSA capacity. We also get a really solid performance from Joel McHale as he continues to show us the more insecure side of Sylvester who continues to struggle to fit in with the modern-day world and is looking for a purpose and place beyond what he can offer as Starman. Once again he gets great scenes with all the characters. But it is the scene he has withLuke Wilson’sPat Dugan that tips things over the edge as Pat suggests he work with the JSA kids as a mentor much like he has been doing. This scene gets further validation when Rick and Beth come to Sylvester with the news that it was Dragon King who attacked him.

Finally, a gong has to go out to Meg DeLacy for her portrayal of  Cindy Burman who is trying to clean up her act but is having to deal with some after-effects of her father’s experiments. I really like how Meg portrays Cindy’s somewhat sassy attitude toward the other JSA team members as it shows that she has not completely come on over to the light side.

On a more fun note. We get fun performances from Trae Romano and Alkoya Brunson in which we see Mike Dugan and his new friend Jakeem try and use the Thunderbolt pen to try and figure out who killed The Gambler.



A solid episode in which we see some progression of the plot with the reveal that Dragon King is still alive and kicking, which was kind of hinted at in so many ways in last week’s episode that kind of acted as foreshadowing. If I were to have a guess at where things will go over the next week or so. Then I would guess that the JSA will go up against Dragon King and get their butts kicked because they are not ready. Then the second half of the season will focus on them trying to find a way to Kill him. The story feels a little by the numbers.

That said we do get a really nice bit of incidental music, which is a nice cue to Courtney and Cameron sharing a kiss.

Stargirl: Frenemies (S3 - EP4) Chapter Four: The Evidence
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