In Review: Star Wars: Yoda (2022-) #4

Yoda asks an old friend to come teach the next generation of Jedi alongside him - Master Dooku.

Yoda calls upon Master Dooku to come to the Jedi Academy and help him train some young padawans. Impressed by a Trandoshan and Whookiee Dooku suggest that he and Yoda give a demonstration of Lightsaber dueling. Impressed by the duel. The Trandoshan and his friend can’t stop talking about it, which rubs the Wookiee up the wrong way. Later Dooku finds the Wookiee and asked what is troubling him. The Wookiee reveals that he has been having visions. Dooku tells the Wookiee to not tell anyone about his visions as Yoda and the other Jedi will discourage him from acting on them.


The Artwork

Luke Ross does a fantastic job with the artwork and the establishing panels at the start of the book, which is on dagobah are really beautiful to look at. We also get some great panels of Dooku and Yoda dueling, which is obviously inspired by their duel from Star Wars: Attack of The Clones. I also enjoyed the panel where we see the Wookiee having his vision, which shows Wookiee’s fighting Trandoshan’s as well as Yoda fighting alongside Wookiee’s in the clone war.



Jody Houser does a great job of this issue and captures Dooku’s voice so well that when I was reading the book. I could hear the dialogue being spoken by the Late Christopher Lee in my head. I also quite enjoyed that we are seeing the start of Dooku’s descent to the Dark Side in this book. The panel where he tells the Wookiee not to tell anyone about his visions is a great setup. I can’t wait to see how it plays out.

Star Wars: Yoda (2022-) #4
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