In Review: Star Wars: Yoda (2022-) #3

Yoda’s experiment with the Scalvi has ended in disaster, the situation on Turrak is worse than ever.

Synopsis: Yoda’s experiment with the Scalvi has ended in disaster, the situation on Turrak is worse than ever. A new generation has risen up since the Jedi Master first came to the planet, a generation that still hasn’t learned the most important lesson of all. Will Yoda abandon those who need him most in their hour of need?


The Story

Having seen Bree and his friends kill one of the Crulkon when rescuing him in the last issue. Yoda opts to leave Turrak, but does not say if he will come back. Years later Bree has grown up and raised a family of his own and the Crulkon have left the Scalvi alone. Bree’s children live through the story of how their father defeated the Crulkon and rescued Yoda, but Bree is troubled by how the story is told. Years pass and Yoda returns and so do the Crulkon, but this time Bree having learned from past experiences takes a different approach with the Crulkon.



Nico Leon continues to knock it out of the park as far as artwork is concerned. Seeing the more adult version of Bree initially took me back a little with the beard and all. But I very quickly got used to it.

Perhaps my favorite moment is when we see all the Crulkon sailships head toward the Scalvi island when Bree’s children kidnap a Crulkon child. The final page where we see Scalvi and Crulkon gain a mutual understanding of each other is nicely done and is a wonderful payoff for what has been a fun story.



This issue wraps up the story of the Scalvi rather neatly. I loved how Bree eventually figured out what the issue was with the Crulkon and why they’d been raiding their island. I also quite liked the quiet way in which Yoda seemed to try and guide him to that conclusion. Hopefully, the next story arc is as good if not better than this.

Star Wars: Yoda (2022-) #3
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