In Review: Star Wars: Yoda (2022-) #2

Has Yoda turned his back on the galaxy?

Synopsis: Has Yoda turned his back on the galaxy? Why has the legendary Jedi Master abandoned his usual place on Coruscant to settle on a backwater world on the Galactic frontier? What lesson does he hope to teach? And who will come to his aid when disaster strikes?


The Story

Having settled on a planet, which is beyond the Outer Rim in the last issue. Yoda continues to help the Scalvi defend themselves against the Crulkon raiders, but is having to deal with some backlash from the Jedi Council about his choices. To make matters worse when he returns to the planet he finds that Bree and Trikk are fighting and begins to sense that the Scalvi may be relying on him a little too much. However, when the Crulkon attack and kidnap Yoda. Bree and his friends must work together to try and rescue him. But when they find Yoda a terrible truth is revealed.


The Artwork

Nico Leon is strong with the Force when it comes to action beats as well as setting the scene. The conflict between Bree and his friend Trikk and Trikk’s dislike of Yoda is represented beautifully with the various micro expressions we see during their interactions. But as far as action beats go. This book’s highlight is when Bree leads an attack on the Crulkon in order to rescue Yoda as the look of surprise on the faces of the various Crulkon characters is drawn beautifully. I also loved the industrialist look of the Crulkon platform.



Cavan Scott writes a solid second issue that builds nicely on the characters and situations that were set up in the opening issue. I really enjoyed seeing that not every member of the Scalvi was enamored with Yoda and his stories. In fact, the conflict between Bree and Trikk makes this a more interesting story. Especially given what we learn by the close of the issue, which we’ll learn more about in next month’s issue.

Star Wars: Yoda (2022-) #2
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