In Review: Star Wars: Yoda (2022-) #1

Yoda must revisit the many lessons he has given over the years, from the days of the High Republic to the chaos of the Clone Wars.

Synopsis: To some, he was a legend. To others, he was a teacher. Now Yoda is all but forgotten, living in exile and haunted by the past. As a strangely familiar voice echoes through the swamps of Dagobah, Yoda must revisit the many lessons he has given over the years, from the days of the High Republic to the chaos of the Clone Wars.


The Story

While meditating on Dagobah. Master Yoda receives a message from another force user who is rather insistent on being heard. As they converse Yoda thinks back to his time on the Jedi Council and about a mission that saw him defending a planet called Turrak against raiders. It is a mission that Yoda took on against the wishes of a fellow Council member. But it’s also a mission that saw him meet a young spirited teen called Bree who is the person that sent the distress call that brought Yoda to their planet.


The Artwork

Nico Leon gets to demonstrate how well they can draw Yoda and gets to do some incredible action beats toward the close of this first issue. These action beats felt very much like the ones we saw in Star Wars: Attack of The Clones and Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith in which we saw the old Jedi fight Count Dooku and Emperor Palpatine. Only in this instance, Yoda’s opponents were far less skilled.

I also enjoyed the panels that show us what life is like on Turrak, which introduce us to Bree and his people. The panels where Bree is messing with an old spaceship are really nicely done and do a great job of establishing his character and giving us an insight into the people and culture of the planet.



This first issue does a great job of setting the scene for what feels like it could be a fairly good story about Yoda’s life prior to events in the Clone Wars. As the Jedi Council in this story is not the same one that we saw in the movies. But is that of the high republic.

Overall. I’m not looking forward to more of this story so I can get a better idea of where it is going. I suspect that Yoda has other reasons for staying behind on Turrak.

Star Wars: Yoda (2022-) #1
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