In Review: Star Wars: The Mandalorian: The Art & Imagery Collector’s Edition Vol. 2

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The Art

Description: ‘Star Wars: The Mandalorian: The Art & Imagery Collector’s Edition Vol. 2’ is basically the second in a series of art books that celebrate the hit Disney + series. This second edition of The Art & Imagery comprises of photos and concept art from episodes 5 through 8 of season one.

Review: It goes without saying that ‘The Mandalorian’ has furthered the legend of ‘Star Wars’ and one of the reasons for that is superb production values. Indeed the series, when it came out, was somewhat of a sleeper hit. In fact, it surprised many fans who had all but given up on the franchise. And it consequently resuscitated the faith of the fans.

This book is one of many that are out there. In fact, the only reason I am reviewing this now is that it only arrived at the weekend. I ordered this off of Amazon way back in January as a late Birthday present for myself. But didn’t count on Amazon running out of stock so fast that they could not fulfill my original order. As a rule, I am a fan of art books and will often go for the big £30 ones to lazily flick through. And I have had a few Star Wars ones in the past as well.


The Book


As already stated. This book features the art and photographs from the latter half of the first season of Mandalorian. Which would suggest that Titan is still playing catch up. The quality of the imagery is great and it is laid out very nicely. The book itself is broken up into seven categories starting with The Mandalorian & The Child, Lawless Worlds, Starships, Enemies and Allies, Droids, Battles on the Ground, and The Last of The Empire.

Each bit of concept art used in the book is credited to the artist who created it. Christian Alzmann gets a fair few credits in the first chapter and his work is highlighted brilliantly. We also get a fair bit of Brian Matyas’s work featured as well. But unfortunately, a lack of an index crediting all the artists featured as well as a general lack of information about the art and the artists is where this book falls flat with me.

Apart from that one pretty big oversight on the part of the publishers. The art featured and the general quality of the book is solid. It’s a glossy hardcover and the smell of the newly printed pages is rather nice. But like many Star Wars fans out there. I’d really have liked to hear what the artists had to say about their work. What pitfalls they found along the way and how did they go about their creative process.



Overall. For the £14.99 price tag. It’s a nice coffee table book. But if you are like me and want a bit more detail in terms of interviews or even brief quotes from the artists and such. Then I’d really suggest saving your money and shooting for one of the more expensive books that will give you a little more of an immersive experience over what is simply a pretty nice picture book and a bit of a cash grab on the part of Titan.

But if you really must and cannot resist. You can order a copy of this book here

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