The Mandalorian and the child travel to an ancient site.

Synopsis: The Mandalorian and the child travel to an ancient site.


The Story

Following up on events from last week. Din Djarin and Grogu travel to an ancient Jedi site on Typhon. While there Din Djarin has to guard Grogu while he reaches out with the Force to find someone that can train him. Things are going well for a while until Din Djarin spots another ship coming into land. He leaves Grogu to investigate and meets up with Boba Fett and Fennec Shand. A brief standoff transpires, but Boba Fett manages to de-escalate matters as he tries to talk Din Djarin into giving him back his Mandalorian Armour.

Before there is any time for Boba Fett to prove the providence of his armor. A bunch of Imperial Stormtroopers land and they want the Child. A battle breaks out as Din Djarin, Fennec Shand, and Boba Fett fight to protect the Child.


The Acting

Pedro Pascal is fantastic in this episode. We get a really nice scene at the start of the story in which he is playfully calling The Child by name. It’s a really sweet moment that shows the father-son bond that has developed between The Mandalorian and Grogu.

After what has been a few weeks since glimpsing him in the first episode. We finally get to see Temuera Morrison reprise his role as Boba Fett and it’s worth the wait. The standoff scene between the Mandalorian and the legendary Bounty Hunter is done wonderfully. Neither man will give an inch. The scene at the end where Boba Fett proves his legitimate ownership of the Armour to Din Djarin was really good as was the battle between them all and the Stormtroopers.



This was a fantastic episode, which not only does a great job of reintroducing Boba Fett into the Star Wars Universe. But it also shows us more of Moff Gideon and his ruthless side. By the close of the story, we are back to square one in which Gideon once again has possession of Grogu, which is part of the tragedy of the episode’s title. The other part is the loss of The Razercrest.

I really liked the way in which Boba Fett’s meeting with Din Djarin was handled. Things are only going to get more interesting now that Din Djarin has Boba Fett as an ally. At least for the time being that is.

The question is still out there as to what Grogu’s true nature is. If the closing moments of the episode are anything to go by. It’s looking like he is very vulnerable to sliding down the same path as Anakin Skywalker did. Let’s hope that Din Djarin and his friends are able to rescue the child before Moff Gideon does him too much harm.

Overall. A brilliant episode, which does an excellent job of setting up the final two episodes, which will air over the next two weeks.

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