In Review: Star Wars: The Mandalorian (2022-) #7 (of 8)

An old contact extends an invitation for the Mandalorian to make peace with his enemies.

Synopsis: An old contact extends an invitation for the Mandalorian to make peace with his enemies. This sees Mando having to return to Nevarro.


The Story

When The Mandalorian gets a call from Greef Karga he sees an opportunity to prevent himself and the child from being hunted down by the remnants of the Empire. However, he doesn’t fully trust Greef Karga. So calls on Cara Dune and his Ugnaut friend Kuiil for help.

As they all arrive at Nevarro. Mando and his friends make plans to kill the imperial that is trying to get The Child, but when their plans go wrong. They find themselves confronted by a real threat in the form of Moff Gideon.


The Artwork

Georges Jeanty has a fair bit to do in this issue as we see The Mandalorian have to make a few trips before he heads to Navarro. I particularly enjoyed the panels where Mando reunites with Cara Dune who is doing a little bit of prizefighting to make a few credits. I also enjoyed the panels where Mando visits Kuiil and learns that the little Ugnaut has rebuilt IG-11. The best however is saved for the last few pages where we see a dragon-like creature attack Greef Kargo and of course, we see the epic introduction of Moff Gideon as Mando and the gang pay a visit to The Client.



This is an all-action issue that sets things up for what will be an even more action-filled finale, which will be released in February. We get a few nice bits of art that put a slightly different visual twist on things from what we saw in the series. I particularly liked the final panel in which we see Kuiil laid out on the floor having fallen off his mount.

Overall. A solid outing that has me excited to see what this creative team does with the final issue.

Star Wars: The Mandalorian (2022-) #7 (of 8)
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