In Review: Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Season 7 – The Bad Batch

Captain Rex and the Bad Batch must infiltrate an enemy base on Anaxes.

Synopsis: Captain Rex and the Bad Batch must infiltrate an enemy base on Anaxes.

Review: After what seems to have been a very long wait. Star Wars: The Clone Wars has returned to television and wasted little time standing on ceremony and got right to the action.

The Story

It is the final days of the Clone War and the separatist’s forces have won a string of victories, which has the Clone Army and the Jedi suspecting that they have been getting help. To this end, Rex, and Cody are tasked with leading a suicide mission to obtain a mysterious algorithm from a separatist cyber center. Helping with this mission is the Bad Bunch. A group of clone troopers who have had certain personality traits enhanced in order to make them a more effective devil may care fighting unit. Together, they set out on a deadly mission behind enemy lines to learn the truth behind the Separatist victories. Along the way. They learn that a fellow trooper believed to be dead is still out there.

Voice Acting

This episode is mostly voiced by Dee Bradley Baker who pretty much plays all the clone troopers that we see, which included the Bad Bunch. The actor does a superb job of finding unique voices for all the characters and have to say that I particularly found Wrecker fun to listen too as his voice very much suited his go in and blast them personality.

We get a brief scene between Anakin Skywalker and Mace Windo at the beginning of the episode, but actors Matt Lanter and Terrence ‘T.C.’ Carson have so little to do, which suggests the writers are saving them to keep fans of the Jedi in suspense.


A strong opening episode, which introduces some fun new characters in the Bad Bunch, who are sort of like the Star Wars version of ‘The Dirty Dozen’. The episode ends on a cliffhanger that will keep fans on the edge of their seats until next week. But overall. A welcome return for the series, which finally gets a chance to show us its final season.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Season 7 - The Bad Batch
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