Ahsoka and Republic forces confront Maul on Mandalore. 

Synopsis: Ahsoka and Republic forces confront Maul on Mandalore.

The Story

Having finally caught up with Maul at the close of last week’s episode. Ahsoka confronts him, but the fight is short-lived as Maul gets away. As they pursuit Maul Ahsoka and the clones run into some dead ends and choose to regroup.

While giving a progress report to Obi-Wan Kenobi. Ahsoka reveals that Maul mentioned Darth Sidious during their confrontation. Kenobi then reveals what little he knows about Sidious and takes Ahsoka aside and reveals that Anakin has been given a special mission to spy on Chancellor Palpatine.

Back in Almec’s cell. Ahsoka gets Almec to reveal who it is that Maul is targeting and after being shot by one of Maul’s troopers Almec reveals that Maul is after Anakin Skywalker.

When Ahsoka finally catches up with Maul there is a fairly nuanced conversation where Maul reveals that Anakin Skywalker is part of Sidious’s plan and must be stopped. He very nearly convinces Ahsoka to join him, but ultimately Ahsoka cannot believe that her master would betray the Jedi Order and a lightsaber duel ensues.

The Voice Acting

Sam Witwer does a fantastic job of providing the voice for Darth Maul and absolutely nails every one of his scenes. In fact both Witwer and Ashley Eckstein who voices Ahsoka do a brilliant job of portraying the tension before and during the lightsaber duel. The part where Maul reveals what he knows about Anakin and the connection he has to Sidious is done brilliantly.



This was a brilliant episode with a shedload of foreshadowing and easter eggs of what is to come in the Clone Wars sage. I particularly liked how Obi-Wan revealed that Anakin had killed Dooku. Which informed us that all the action on Mandalore between Ahsoka and Maul was happening in tandem with Anakin and Obi-Wan’s rescue mission to save Palpatine.

By the end of this episode. Maul has been captured, but you can’t help but feel that Maul pretty much let himself be captured in order to have a shot at his real target. I also have to wonder if this will be the last we see of Ahsoka in Clone Wars given how much of a lonely figure she appears to be at the close of the episode.

Overall. A really strong episode with some brilliant action beats and probably one of the all-time great Lightsaber duels we have seen on the animated shows. I can’t wait until next Friday to see what happens next and how the writers will tie it into the bigger Star Wars story.


STAR WARS: THE CLONE WARS: SEASON 7 – Phantom Apprentice
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