In Review: Star Wars: The Bad Batch (S3 – EPs 6 & 7) Infiltration & Extraction

The Batch reunites with an ally in need.

Synopsis: The Batch reunites with Rex, but soon find themselves being hunted by an Imperial Assassin who will stop at nothing to take Omega from them.


The Story

While on a mission to protect two senators who are working against the Empire. Rex comes across some intelligence that reveals that the Empire is sending out a specialist assassin to capture Omega. Armed with this information Rex contacts the Batch in the hopes that he can get information from Omega and Crosshair about Tantis. But almost as soon as Hunter and his team arrive. The Imperial Assassin isn’t far behind.

As the story unfolds. Crosshair reveals that he was originally part of the imperial program that has been turning clones into specialist assassins, but was ultimately rejected due to his defects. Things get a little more complicated when the Empire sends a team of Clones that Wolf leads. Wolf is an old friend of Rex’s. Their mission is to capture Omega, but the specialist assassin has other plans.


Voice Acting

As always, Dee Bradley Baker does some great work as he voices all members of the Bad Batch, Wolf, and most of the clones. Michelle Ang continues to do some great work in her role of Omega, who gets a fair bit to do in this episode. I’m loving the relationship that has been evolving between Omega and Crosshair.



Both these episodes are brilliant fun and build on the ongoing story of the Bad Batch. I love it whenever the team meets up with Rex as it’s always a fun call back to the Clone Wars animated series, which this show was birthed. Also, Rex’s relationship with the Clone Force 99 has always been an interesting one. But is much more interesting now that they are both working toward the same ends. At the end of the episode, we get an interesting scene where Rex tells Hunter that they need to find out why The Empire wants to get Omega back so badly.

Star Wars: The Bad Batch (S3 - EPs 6 & 7) Infiltration & Extraction
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