In Review: Star Wars: The Bad Batch (S3 – EPs 1,2 & 3) Confined, Paths Unknown & Shadows of Tantiss

Imprisoned on Tantiss, Omega adjusts to a new life.

Synopsis: Confined: Imprisoned on Tantiss, Omega adjusts to a new life.

Paths Unknown: Following a lead, Hunter and Wrecker make a startling discovery.

Shadows of Tantiss: Omega and Crosshair hatch a daring plan.


The Stories

The Bad Batch returns to Disney Plus for its final season with a trio of stories that are all interconnected to reunite Omega with her brothers Hunter, Wrecker, and Crosshair.

As fans will remember. The team got split up last year when Omega was captured by Doctor Royce Hemlock who is doing cloning work for the Empire. Hemlock’s plan is to use Omega as a means to get Nala Se to co-operate and help the Empire with their cloning experiments.  In the opening episode, Omega finds herself confined on Tantis and is adjusting to a new life as Nala Se’s helper. Pretty much from the start Omega has plans of escape and discusses them with Crosshair whenever she has a chance too, but finds Crosshair to be rather disinterested and pessimistic about her plans.

The story explores Omega’s relationship with Nala Se, who is the last Kaminoan from the old cloning world of Kamino, which was destroyed by the empire in the very first season of Bad Batch. We also learn to what lengths Nala Se will go to to protect Omega when she learns that Omega is the exact DNA match for what the Empire needs for their clones to have the best chance of success. We learn that Nala Se is destroying all of Omega’s samples to protect her. The rest of the episode sees Omega taking care of the various animals and such that the Empire has in custody and her relationship with a Hunter Hound proves to be some great foreshadowing for the third of these episodes.

In the second episode ‘Paths Unknown’ Hunter and Wrecker follow a lead that lands them on a planet that has been abandoned by Hemlock. On this rock is an old research base where Hemlock was doing his various experiments. However, the base has long been abandoned. While investigating Hunter and Wrecker bump into some teenage clone troopers who were abandoned when the empire pulled out of the area. As the story progresses. This small group of teenage Clones helps Hunter and Wrecker navigate the dangerous base so that they can get the information that they need from the computers.

In ‘Shadows of Tantiss’ A visit by the Emperor forces a change in the base’s normal routine, which means that Nala Se is not able to destroy Omega’s daily sample. So Nala Se tells Omega to escape as if she remains on the base she will be caught and used by the Empire. Omega, who has learned much about the daily routines on Tantiss begins to form a daring escape plan with some help from Crosshair who seems to be a little more engaged in the process despite the trouble that he is having with his hand. Initially, the two plan to try and steal The Emperor’s shuttle and escape that way, but when they realize that it will be to heavily guarded they come up with a far more impressive alternative that reunites Omega with her Hunter Hound friend.


The Voice Acting

As always the voice acting is top-notch. Michelle Ang is brilliant at emoting her lines to a point where viewers truly care for Omega and want to follow her wherever she goes. I loved the scenes where Omega was talking to the various animals that the Empire was using in their experiments. The scenes with Crosshair were also great. It sometimes feels hard to believe that Dee Bradley Baker can voice so many of this show’s characters and make each individual so distinct from the others. His take on Crosshair is immediately recognizable and has been one of this show’s most intriguing characters from the start.

Of course, Ian McDiarmid returns to voice the Emperor and lends a great deal of menace to the final of these three episodes.



These opening three episodes do a solid job of setting things up for the final series. I look forward to see what next week brings us.

Star Wars: The Bad Batch (S3 - EPs 1,2 & 3) Confined, Paths Unknown & Shadows of Tantiss
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