In Review: Star Wars: The Bad Batch (S3 – EPS 10 & 11) Identity Crisis & Point of No Return

Emerie gets promoted and takes over Nala Se's work.

Synopsis: In Identity Crisis Emerie gets promoted and takes over Nala Se’s work. While in Point of No Return, the Empire finally catches up with Omega.


The Stories

Identity Crisis gives us a story where the Empires Cloning experiments with Force Sensitive children comes under the spotlight. With Nala Se in confinement. Dr. Emerie Karr looks to take over the work and gets clearance from Dr. Hemlock to do so. However, when she learns that the empire has been abducting children Emerie seeks advice from Nala Se on how best to deal with the implications, but things change drastically when Cad Bane hands over a Force Sensitive preschooler into Emerie’s care.


Point of No Return sees the Empire catching up with the Batch and Omega. Working on the assumption that they have limited time on Pabu. To this end, Hunter, Wrecker, and Crosshair are making preparations to leave and take Omega with them. However, their plans are not timely enough as The Empire swoops in and destroys their ship occupies Pabu, and holds the planet hostage until they hang over Omega.


Voice Acting

Identity Crisis boasts some solid voice performances as Keisha Castle-Hughes character of Emerie comes under the spotlight and gets some pretty good character development. In light of the events that play out in Point of No Return. I can’t help but feel that Dr. Emerie is going to become an ally for Omega.  We also get a fun performance from Corey Burton who once again channels his inner Clint Eastwood for his portrayal of Cad Bane.

Michelle Ang also puts in a strong shift as Omega has to make a grown-up decision so she can protect her friends on Pabu.



Both these episodes did a great deal of work to advance the storyline and continue to evolve the characters throughout the story. I loved the fact that Crosshair had reservations with regards to Omega’s decision at the end of the second episode.

Star Wars: The Bad Batch (S3 - EPS 10 & 11) Identity Crisis & Point of No Return
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