In Review: Star Wars: The Bad Batch (S3 – EP4) A Different Approach

Omega and Crosshair must work together when they are stranded on a planet

Synopsis: Omega and Crosshair must work together when they are stranded on a planet, which is occupied by imperials. However, Omega wants to try a different approach instead of trying to shoot their way out of things.


The Story

Having escaped from Doctor Hemlock’s research installation on Tantiss in last week’s episodes. Omega and Crosshair crashland on a planet that is under imperial rule and must avoid being captured. To that end, Omega suggests a different approach to trying to shoot their way off the planet. This more peaceful approach sees Omega use some of her skills at gambling in order to raise 30 thousand credits. But her plan hits a snag when the imperial officer from whom she wins most of her money off picks up a transmission from Doctor Hemlock and makes life difficult for her and Crosshair.


The Voice Acting

Dee Bradley Baker continues to astound with his flexible vocal cords while Michelle Ang gets to shine in an episode that is very much focused on Omega and her determination to reunite with her other friends, but do so with the minimum amount of fuss. We also get a brief scene between Hemlock and Nala Se, which offers up a little foreshadowing of what fate may ultimately befall the last Kaminoan.



A slightly more low-key episode to what we had last week in which Omega gets to show off some of her skills to Crosshair as the two escapees try a different approach to blasting their way off the planet.  The pairing of Omega and Crosshair has a somewhat odd couple vibe to it given that Omega’s optimistic outlook on things runs counter to Crosshair’s rather cold and cynical attitudes. We get a rather good villain in the form of the imperial officer that Omega beats at cards.

Overall. A fun episode that has a sweet ending.

Star Wars: The Bad Batch (S3 - EP4) A Different Approach
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