In Review: Star Wars: The Bad Batch (S3 – EP12) Juggernaut

while seeking an unexpected source to help rescue Omega, the Batch must make a daring escape.

Synopsis: In Juggernaut, while seeking an unexpected source to help rescue Omega, the Batch must make a daring escape.


The Story

Having surrendered herself in the last episode Omega is taken back to Tantis where she is to undergo more experiments under the supervision of Dr. Hemlock. With Nala Se locked in a cell. Omega’s only hope of escape depends on if she can get Dr. Karr on her side.

Back on Pabu most of the Empire’s troops have pulled out, with only a few remaining to continue the hunt for Clone Force 99. Forced into hiding and looking for any opportunity for escape. Hunter, Wrecker, and Crosshair must try to figure out how to get to Tantis and execute a rescue attempt. But the plan will require them to break disgraced imperial officer Rampart out of an Imperial Prison Camp. Without a ship, they are stuck on Pabu, but fortunately for them, help comes in the form of Phee Genoa.


Voice Acting

Noshir Dalal makes a solid return to the show as Rampart, who is most likely going to be a bit of a slippery eel when it comes to his dealings with The Batch. His scenes with Crosshair were memorable insofar as it’s immediately obvious that there is no love lost between them.

We also get a brief performance from Jimmi Simpson as Dr. Royce Hemlock who appears at the start and end of the episode where he is getting Omega reacquainted with the Tantis facility.



Overall Juggernaut is a thrill ride with a brilliant battle in which the Batch steals a Juggernaut tank to aid them in liberating Rampart from the prison camp. Furthermore, the episode does a brilliant job of building up to the series finale. We only have 3 episodes to go before this chapter in a larger Star War story gets resolved.


Star Wars: The Bad Batch (S3 - EP12) Juggernaut
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