Desperate for intel, Hunter and Wrecker track down a dangerous bounty hunter.

Synopsis: Desperate for intel, Hunter and Wrecker track down a dangerous bounty hunter. This takes them into some bad territory.


The Story

Following on from events in last week’s stories. The Bad Batch is now tasked with discovering why the Empire is so interested in Omega and her Mcats Score. To that end, Omega and Crosshair are told to keep a low profile while Hunter and Wrecker look to contact Fennec Shand who may be able to help them with information about why the Empire is looking at Mcat scores as part of their cloning program. However, to get the information that they require. They must first help Fennec Shand with her latest bounty. But can Fennec be trusted to deliver on her end of the bargain?


Voice Acting

Dee Bradley Baker and Michelle Ang are joined this week by Wanda Sykes and Ming-Na Wen. Sykes reprises her role as Pirate Phee Genoa who gives the Bad Batch the information that they need to track Shand down. Na Wen reprises her role as Fennec Shand and is as brilliant as ever. The scene where Hunter and Wrecker first meet with Fennec is brilliantly done and filled with tension. 

We also get a great scene at the end where Hunter and Wrecker look to get Fennec to make good on her part of the bargain. At which point, she tells them that she does not have the information, but will get it. And they are just going to have to trust her.



A  strong episode, which does a great job of building on the story beats from last week. I loved the action beats involving Hunter and Wrecker helping Fennec Shand. But I also enjoyed the storyline concerning Omega trying to help Crosshair with his hand.

A solid episode that sets plenty of stuff up for the next couple of weeks.

STAR WARS: THE BAD BATCH (S3 – EP 8) Bad Territory
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