In Review: Star Wars: The Bad Batch (S1 – EP8) Reunion

The batch finds themselves cornered and on treacherous ground. Will they make a daring escape?

Synopsis: In ‘Reunion’. The batch finds themselves cornered and on treacherous ground. Will they make a daring escape?


The Story

Having been spotted on the derelict medical ship in last week’s show. The Bad Batch must now figure out a way to escape the Empire. However, this is no simple task. Indeed, The Empire has sent Cross after them. Perhaps the one person that knows the Batch’s playbook as well as they do. And if that wasn’t bad enough. The infamous Bounty Hunter Cad Bane is on the hunt and seeks the bounty, which has been put out on Omega.


Voice Acting

Dee Bradley Baker is on fire this week as he gets to voice both the heroes and the villains. Crosshair is particularly well played. The best moment being the confrontation, which is not the reunion that Hunter and his men would want to have with their former friend. Indeed, Crosshair’s adherence to the inhibitor chip has only increased his exacting nature.

Michelle Ang continues to grow into Omega as the youngest member of the Batch gets some schooling in tactics from some of the best in the business and proves to be an asset with her newly acquired skills with the crossbow. I loved the scene at the very start of the episode where Wrecker is teaching Omega how to defuse a mine. The playfulness of the banter between these two characters is fun to watch.

The best is saved for last, however. Having barely escaped from Crosshair and his troopers. Hunter and Omega get to the Batch’s ship. Only to find that someone has beaten them to it and done some clean-up for them. Enter Corey Burton as Bounty Hunter Cad Bane. The scene that follows and the acting performances from the actors is a brilliant way to end what has to be the most thrilling episode to date.



Easily the best episode we have had to date. The Bad Batch is really put through it in this episode and boy isn’t Crosshair pissed.

The build-up to the closing duel between Hunter and Cad Bane is brilliantly done. And the Spaghetti Western Style incidental music really adds to the atmosphere. So, the stakes have just been upped and the Bad Batch has a new mission. Rescue Omega.

Star Wars: The Bad Batch (S1 - EP8) Reunion
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