In Review: Star Wars: The Bad Batch (S1 – EP7) Battle Scars

The Batch head off to a decommissioned medical ship where they encounter an unexpected threat.
Battle Scars

Synopsis: In ‘Battle Scars’ The Batch head off to a decommissioned medical ship where they encounter an unexpected threat.


The Story

Having returned from a mission. Hunter and the team are enjoying a bit of rest when they get a visit from Rex. When Wrecker starts struggling with a recurring headache the subject of inhibiter chips comes up when Hunter reveals that they haven’t had theirs removed. This gets an understandable response from Rex who immediately insists that they must have the chips removed. To that end, they all meet on a planet, which acts as a grace yard for old starships, and find an old Republic medical ship.


The Acting

Dee Bradley Baker gets a lot to do in this episode as Rex makes a welcome guest appearance to help them get rid of their inhibitor chips. I continue to be amazed at the elasticity of this actor’s voice as he manages to give each of his characters very distinct and recognizable voices. Indeed, the voice of Captain Rex is immediately noticeable and stands out. But it is Wrecker that gets a big role in this episode as we see him suffer from severe headaches as his inhibiter chip starts to kick in.

Additionally. I also enjoyed the work that Baker did with Michelle Ang in portraying Wrecker and Omega’s friendship. It was really cute to watch Wrecker acting like the big brother or the fun Uncle to the youngster.



‘Battle Scars’ does a great job of adding to the overall mythology and it’s nice to see that the Inhibitor chips get addressed in this way. As in the Batch is not entirely immune like they first suspected. Added to all of that. We get some really nice music cues when the Batch is creeping onto the old medical ship add just the right amount of tension.

Overall. A great episode with a brilliant cliffhanger.


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Star Wars: The Bad Batch (S1 - EP7) Battle Scars
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