In Review: Star Wars: The Bad Batch (S1 – EP5) Rampage

The Bad Batch strikes up a deal with Cid in exchange for information on Fennec Shand. 

Synopsis: In Rampage The Bad Batch strikes up a deal with Cid in exchange for information on Fennec Shand.


The Story

Having barely gotten away from Fennec Shand in last week’s episode. Hunter and the team head to the planet Ord Mantell to find an old contact of the Jedi called Cid. However, when they arrive they run into problems finding the contact. And are only able to do so because of Omega’s smarts.

So, needing information on Fennec Shand. So they can find out who hired her to go after Omega. Hunter strikes a deal with Cid. In short Hunter and the team have to rescue a juvenile rancor from slavers for 30% of the reward money and the information that they need. From this point on the episode is a laugh a minute, but also ties nicely to events in future Star Wars films.


Voice Acting

Dee Bradley Baker continues to impress us with the elasticity of his vocal chords as he voices every member of the Batch as well as any clone troopers that happen to show up. In this instance none. But we do get a fun moment for Wrecker as he puts an end to the Rancor’s rampage.

Rhea Perlman provides her vocal talents for the role of Cid who is the information broker that the Bad Batch strikes the deal with. There is definite scope for this character to return in future episodes. Which is somewhat hinted at.



A bit of lighter tone to this week’s episode as we see the Bad Batch pacify a Rancor on the rampage. And given that the beast is picked up by Bib Fortuna at the close of the story. Our best guess is that this Rancor is the one that Luke Skywalker defeats in Star Wars: Return of The Jedi. So it’s a dun tie into the movies.

Overall. A pretty fun episode that fills in some time without really advancing the season’s story arc too much.

Star Wars: The Bad Batch (S1 - EP5) Rampage
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