In Review: Star Wars: The Bad Batch (S1 – Ep3) Replacements

The team crashlands on a desolate moon...

Synopsis: In ‘Replacements’. The team crashlands on a desolate moon and must make repairs to their ship.


The Story

Having taken damage to their ship in last week’s episode. The Bad Batch find themselves in trouble when their ship’s systems fail. Forced to crash land on a desolate moon. Tech and Echo find the replacement part they need and set about replacing it. However, as soon as the part is installed it is taken by a hungry creature that feeds on electricity and electrical components.

Now it is down to Hunter and Omega to find the creature and get their part back.

Meanwhile, back on Kamino. Vice Admiral Rampart sells Admiral Tarkin on some possible replacements for the clones. So Tarkin sends them out with Crosshair to test them.


Voice Acting

As always. Dee Bradley Baker does a great job with the key characters of the Bad Batch. But much of the focus this week is on Crosshair who is now working with Tarkin and the Empire.

Michelle Ang gets more to do this week as Omega who really comes into her own this week. She has some good moments with Hunter who is fast becoming a father figure to her. Ang does a great job capturing the essence of Omega and that sense of adventure and hope that she has. I really liked the scene when she asked Hunter about his tracking skills, which proves to be a nice bit of foreshadowing.

Noshir Dalal finds the right level of sliminess for his portrayal of Vice-Admiral Rampart who is out to prove himself to Tarkin. You really get the sense that Rampart is a total slime and a bit of a toady with all of his pandering. Dalal does a brilliant job of putting this across in his performance.



‘Replacements’ does a good job of giving us a story that not only gives the Bad Batch something to do. But also updates on what the Empire is up to and how Crosshair is doing. Now that he is apart from the Bad Batch. It also gives some clues as to how the Empire begin to transition away from using clones by having them train their replacements.

Star Wars: The Bad Batch (S1 - Ep3) Replacements
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